VeChain Will Be Added to And Over 40 Million Merchants Can Convert Cryptocurrencies Into Fiat

The wallet provider for cryptocurrency digital assets announced that it has added the VET token to its card and wallet app. is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency and blockchain related businesses in the space. Using its services, over 40 million merchants all over the world can convert cryptocurrencies into fiat. VeChain VET will now join Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, CRO, and MCO on the platform. This is just one of the various VeChain news that would promote the adoption of the VeChain blockchain and the VET coin.

This would bring VeChain one step closer to achieving mass adoption. The co-founder of VeChain, Sunny Lu, said that the VeChain Foundation is expecting a great surge in adoption this month and throughout the rest of the year. Following the listing, he said;

“Thank you for supporting VeChain in the Wallet & Card App. With the laser-focus on mass adoption and regulatory compliance, VeChain and are pushing blockchain and cryptocurrency to be part of people’s daily life.”

The official Twitter handle posted;

“We’re happy to have VeChain on board our platform. With our shared vision to drive innovative solutions in real-world use, we look forward to working with VeChain to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency.”

VeChain News Today – VeChain Partnerships

Apart from being listed on exchanges and wallets, VeChain has also been sealing a lot of partnerships. These VeChain partnerships are geared toward promoting adoption for the VeChain blockchain and VET coin. The blockchain’s application in the enterprise sector cannot be overemphasized.

A while ago, Siam Commercial Bank gave VeChain thumbs up because of its efficiency. With the VeChain ToolChain that was launched during the VeChain summit, apps can be developed on the VeChain blockchain quickly and without special expertise. This is also going to drive adoption.

VeChain Thor Price Prediction

Investors, companies, and users anticipate VeChain coin to gain pace and show a consistent rising trend. The VET coin value may cross the $0.0088 mark once again and head towards $0.0090 by the end of 2019.

VeChain (VET) Price Today – VET / USD


If VeChain reaches global adoption, the VET will surge significantly because there will be an increase in its demand. Even if most of the VeChain partnerships don’t require the use of the VET coin, having such partnerships can still help the price of VET because investors always want to know if a coin has strong technology backing it before they invest in it. VeChain can hit $50 in the next few years with the right push.

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