Without Cardano Shelley Cardano May Come To An End

Cardano intends to become the top smart contract and dApp platform that displaces Ethereum. Over the years, the Cardano development team has worked hard to bring the project closer to this goal. Considering the fact that there are other projects like Tron, EOS, NEO, NEM and so many others struggling to displace Ethereum, it needs to stand out. With the Cardano Shelley upgrade, the blockchain will become a worthy Ethereum Killer. This fact is certain. However, there is no guarantee that the price of ADA is going to surge against the USD after the Cardano Shelley testnet activation.

IOHK released an updated roadmap for the Shelley project yesterday. If everything happens according to plan, the Cardano Shelley upgrade is going to change the game for Cardano and the ADA token. According to the Cardano news and Cardano price prediction 2019 on NewsBtc, Cardano Shelley is the key to Cardano’s success. Without it, there is a strong chance that the project will either die or never move past this level.

Initially, when the Cardano team released the updated Shelley roadmap, the price of ADA spiked significantly and it maintained the uptrend for a while. The Cardano Shelley upgrade made the Cardano price prediction 2019 bullish against the USD and BTC. Unfortunately, the price of ADA started to decline steadily thanks to the general negative sentiment in the market. Some analysts suggested the price of Cardano ADA was falling because traders were selling off their tokens as they weren’t sure if the Cardano Shelley upgrade will be done successfully or what effect it will have on ADA.

Cardano Price Analysis

In weekly charts, Cardano (ADA) is down by 9.09% from the market price of $0.093 on June 01. Nevertheless, yesterday was a slightly fair trading day for Cardano, as the coin opened at 0.083406 USD and wrapped the day up at 0.085807 USD, with a marginal hike of $0.002401 USD (2.88%).

Cardano Price Prediction 2019

Over the last seven days, Cardano is down by 2.1% against the USD. You’ll recall that the price of Cardano ADA had initially reached the $0.95 level. It’s a good thing the trend improved today. If the bears had continued dominating the market, the price of Cardano ADA would have fallen as low as $0.6 near-term. If the bulls continue to dominate the market, there is a high chance that the price of ADA will retest the $0.95 level again.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


If you look at the overall trend in the market, there is a sense of stability coming in. This is a sign of a stable Bull Run for the future. The last bull run was a sudden one and soon declined at the same pace. According to the latest ADA news on cryptonewsz; the altcoin seems to be all set to hit the $1 mark by the end of the year.

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