David Swartz Informs the Crypto Community That Facebook’s GlobalCoin Will Not Harm XRP (XRP)

The competition in the cryptocurrency space is getting tougher on a daily basis. As more digital currencies are emerging, others are dying off. However, some have come to stay and they have been around for quite some time despite all the bearish sentiments around the market. Bitcoin (BTC) encountered a lot of challenges when it just emerged in the crypto space. Some people called it fraud while others said it was a Ponzi scheme. However, it over ten years, and Bitcoin (BTC) has put a smile in the faces of many, it has also turned many into millionaires.

XRP (XRP) is one digital currency that has also encountered a lot of challenges since its emergence. While the price of XRP has been a very attractive part of the coin, it has had several regulatory issues. XRP is a digital currency project that focuses more on banks and financial institutions. XRP has stood out despite all the issues it has had. The price of XRP has refused to follow the trend of bearish sentiments around the coin. There are also more bullish XRP news, XRP price prediction 2019, and positive developments around the coin that are attracting more digital asset investors and partners to the coin.

XRP News Today: Ripple’s CTO Defends XRP From the Negative Remark of Max Keiser – Will This Affect XRP USD Price?

XRP recently received a negative comment from the community. This was a bearish XRP news that could have had a devasting impact on the price of XRP. However, the Chief Technology Officer of Ripple – David Schwartz was quite to react to it and defended XRP (XRP). Max Keiser is a Bitcoin maximalist, and he said that XRP should be worried as Facebook is about to launch its GlobalCoin. Many Bitcoin fans believe that XRP (XRP) is a cryptocurrency that is only used by financial institutions and banks and it doesn’t follow the tenet of the digital currency space.

According to a tweet by Keiser, the Stablecoin of Facebook is going to have a negative impact on other cryptocurrencies such as XRP. Fortunately, the price of XRP is not affected by this XRP news, as XRP USD price is still strongly supported at the 40 cents mark. XRP has an eye for the short-term XRP price prediction 2019. Meanwhile, Peter Brandt gave short-term XRP price predictions of $0.5688 and $0.63, which he believes the digital currency would hit in the next couple of days.

Swartz came out with a full force to defend XRP (XRP) across several social media platforms, addressing other digital currency enthusiasts. Ripple is aimed at pushing XRP towards mainstream adoption. The firm is working to this goal by providing services to different financial institutions and banks. Ripple is known for offering fast and cheaper international payments in a compliant way. The firm has also partnered with a lot of top banks across the globe. XRP is still a safe investment option, and it is one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019, thanks to the strong team behind it and bullish XRP price prediction 2019.

XRP Price Analysis – XRP Price Prediction 2019 – XRP USD Live Price – XRP Price Forecast – XRP News Today

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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The usual weekend effect is upon the market at the moment. Most coins are correcting lower. XRP is also among the correcting coins. However, the decline in the price of XRP is just about 2 percent over the past day. The digital currency is still strongly supported at the 40 cents mark. XRP USD live price is $0.4102. on the upside, the immediate hurdle is at the 42 and 44 cents levels.

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