Traders are Positive About XRP Price as The Bulls Take Control, How High Can XRP Go?

Even though, Ripple’s XRP did not live up to the expectations of traders’, it appears to be resistant to the anticipated downturn that’s approaching XRP. The coin didn’t really bring much profit during the last crypto bull run.

There’s talk of XRP being under the control of the bulls. Could this be the reason traders and experts alike are optimistic and believe that the price of XRP can reach the $0.5 position shortly? Let’s see how XRP price has performed in the past week’s XRP price forecasts below.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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XRP Price Prediction 2019: is XRP Price is Gearing Up for Bullish Outcomes?

XRP price has the potential to touch $0.36 before the awaited price explosion. So far, the coin has managed to remain in the upper pattern along with the daily candle. The RSI is in the oversold region. Particularly beneath the daily chart of the XRP/USD pair. Via the daily chart of XRP, the RSI remains on the neutral ground although it’s slightly oversold.

Via the 4-hour chart, the 21 EMA is crossing the 50 EMA through the downside. This means that the XRP price may still attempt to test the pattern at 0.363$.

Generally, the market is on a good wayof preparing for the anticipated bullish outcome for the price of XRP. Let’s hope we can the weekly candle closely up higher than what it is now so that we don’t receive a bearish engulfing trendline on the weekly chart of the XRP/USD pair.

XRP Price Prediction 2019: The Technical Indicators Show a Growth Signal

Right now, it appears that all indicators are moving up while the XRP price is moving down via the 1-hour timeframe. We can see some further dipping in the price right now it also shows there’s a reversal near the upside in play. The RSI, and MACD line along with the CCI all show that XRP price can see some measure of growth.

Here’s an interesting analysis of what’s happening in the XRP market. If we critically look at the XRP/USD pair, we will see that the XRP price is currently sitting at about 10% of its all-time high.

When closely we compare this action to the on-balance volume, we will see that the price of XRP is currently sitting on 75% of its all-time high.

On Balance, the trade volume measures the markets net inflow vs its outflow of funds into an asset. This can be seen in the last price action that BITFINEX XRP/USD indicated.

What Does This Mean for XRP Price?

This means that there are a few crypto bulls buying XRP. And these same bulls don’t really want the price of XRP to go up. Meaning they are only in the accumulation phase for now.

This also means that there’s not plenty of money leaving the XRP/USD market via Binance exchange and others. On the price chart highlighting trading for the XRP/USD pair, we can see a signal and XRP price going along the Elliot wave 3. We expect offers to enter the XRP market at $0.39650 and move out at $0.40800.



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