Users Receive Warning Email About Cryptocurrency On PayPal

PayPal reportedly warns users about trading cryptocurrencies reminding them that it is against their terms and conditions.

Official-looking email warning users about activities involving trading cryptocurrency has been circulating on PayPal communities for some days now. Users have been asked to stop any transaction that results in transfer or trading cryptocurrency.

A User Makes His Remark About The Email

A PayPal user, David Veksler, commented on the email he received from PayPal warning him about trading cryptocurrency.

In his words:

“I have had a PayPal account for the past seven years. I received an email linked to my message this morning from PayPal.”

Mr. Veksler is one of many users who received the message from PayPal. The title of the message was “Cryptocurrency Warning.”

The Cryptocurrency Warning From PayPal

The message started with an appreciation line from PayPal to its users. It was followed by: “We noticed that you engage in activities involving cryptocurrency trading while we were reviewing your account. This is a prohibition of our terms. We ask you to stop all cryptocurrency trading related activities as this is not permitted on our platform. We will discontinue your access to our services if you keep engaging in cryptocurrency trading through our platform.”

After receiving the message, Mr. Veksler, worried about its authenticity, called PayPal’s customer support to confirm if the message was legit. The customer representative who answered the call said that the email doesn’t appear legit considering the address it was sent with.

Veksler wasn’t the only one who received the message, many other users complained about the same thing. PayPal has made no official statement concerning the issue. Many customers do not understand this information and are left in the dark.

Even if the customer support said the email is fake, PayPal has refrained from releasing any statement about its authenticity.


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