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The price of Stellar Lumens (XLM) is yet to react positively to the news of major upgrade of the Stellar network planned for Monday, June 10. Stellar network is one of the fintech-based cryptocurrency projects with a mission to “develop the world’s new financial system.” Unlike Ripple (XRP) which focuses on cross-border transactions and settlement involving financial institutions, Stellar (XLM) also seeks to directly facilitate transactions between individuals. To further its chances in a crowded fintech and cryptocurrency space, Stellar will be making significant improvements on its protocol 11 in new upgrades. In Stellar news today, we give details of the planned upgrade and how it may affect stellar price predictions.

What you need to know about the Latest Stellar Upgrade – Stellar Lumens News –XLM News Today

As explained in an earlier blog post by Stellar Development Foundation, the validators on the Stellar blockchain will today (June 10, 2019) vote to the Stellar blockchain to Protocol 11. This upgrade will bring three major changes to the current system namely: better transaction pricing, improved network capacity, and the introduction of buy offers.

Before the upcoming upgrade, Stellar users chose a fixed fee for their transactions irrespective of the average network fees being paid on the network. As is the case with transactions on many other blockchains, transactions sent with higher fees tend to be approved faster to the detriment of lower fee transactions. This forces users to quote high fees in other to avoid delays when, for instance, submissions to a ledger exceed network capacity and the network enters surge pricing mode.

To solve this, Stellar Protocol 11 introduces a version of a “VCG auction” where users choose the maximum fee they are willing to pay but are actually charged the lowest possible fee.

Furthermore, Stellar Development Foundation proposes to increase the throughput of the network by implementing a system where validators vote on an operations-per-ledger limit rather than the current system where they vote on the number of transactions per ledger. This it believes will translate to easier and cheaper transactions with higher and more consistent network capacity.

The addition of Buy Offer (ManageBuyOffer) separate from the original “ManageOffer” (now ManageSellOffer) makes the process more intuitive and easier.

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Stellar XLM Price Today — XLM to USD


At the time of writing, Stellar XLM is trading at a loss of about 4.10% from yesterday. The price of XLM to the USD is $0.12 which is in fact a drop of about 11% since the last week. The news of the Stellar upgrade which gained momentum at the start of the month has done little to boost the price of XLM. If anything, the daily trading volume for Stellar has dropped from over $600 million in May to under $400,000 presently. With the development which

Stellar XLM Price Prediction – Stellar Price Prediction 

As Smartereum reported the interest in the long-term price prediction of Stellar like the Stellar Lumens price prediction 2020 and the Stellar Lumens price prediction 2025 have increased significantly after the price of Stellar Lumens reached a monthly high of $0.161 towards the end of May.

In a similar report, Smartereum noted that some analysts still hold the belief that the price of Stellar Lumens XLM can reach $5 before the end of the year—an astronomically optimistic Stellar Price Prediction given that its all-time high was less than $1. For Stellar XLM to get close to those predictions or a new ATH, the market needs to respond positively to the major improvements on the network as well as notable partnerships like that with IBM. So far that positive trend has not surfaced.

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