Real Reason Why Google Is Attacking Cryptocurrency News Sites Including CCN, Cointelegraph, CoinDesk And Many Others

Cryptocurrency News Today – Yesterday, the cryptocurrency news site with the highest ranking and views on Google, CCN, announced that it would be shutting down. In a goodbye blog post, the company gave a vivid explanation about why it has decided to shut down. According to the post, Google’s latest update cost the company more than 71% of its traffic and it can no longer afford to run its team of over 60 publishers. According to the data on Sistrix, this move by Google didn’t just affect CCN, other cryptocurrency news websites have experienced a significant drop in mobile traffic. What does this say about Google, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology?

Cryptocurrency News – Google News – The Blockchain Revolution Has Begun

The blog post on CCN, revealed that CoinDesk lost over 34.6% of its mobile traffic while Cointelegraph lost 21.1%. Almost every major cryptocurrency news site including Smartereum and U°Today have lost a significant portion of Google search engine traffic and seen their search visibility fall. CCN used to have a search visibility score of 2.1 but that figure has changed to 0.6. The six year old independent news agency stated that it has never received eternal funding but runs on the money it makes from the traffic generated.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have come a long way since the Satoshi Nakamoto created them ten years ago. Through these media outlets, the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology increased. People were able to learn about this emerging technology and how it has the power to change the world. One of the core changes that prominent of blockchain technology are advocating for is freedom from the shackles of centralized institutions like banks, tech giants and other institutions that have too much control over our money, and data.

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As you probably already know, blockchain technology, along with machine learning, artificial intelligence and other emerging tech is going to lead the world into the next industrial revolution. Google is one of the businesses that stand to lose the most should blockchain technology reach mass adoption and decentralized search engines take over regular ones. So, it is possible that the tech giant is using its power to undermine cryptocurrencies, and the underlying blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency News – Google News – What Can Be Done?

The founder of CCN, Jonas Borchgrevink, has urged journalists to fight for press freedom and resist Google’s attempts to control the world’s news consumption now and in the future. He called for a fight against what he referred to as “Googlémocracy”. In his words;

“We have tried to find out why our stories are no longer visible on Google by asking for guidance in Google’s Webmasters Forum. While we appreciate the help of experts from the Google Forum, their theories for why Google has decided to basically ‘shut down’ CCN does not appear to be entirely accurate. Why would simple fixes be the cause of the immense Google-listing drop, when other similar sites are experiencing the same blowback.”

He continued;

“I am personally calling media organizations across the world to fight this hideous practice by Google, that basically can, with a snap of its fingers, decide who will thrive and who will die within a matter of minutes,”

Right now, a petition has been created to appeal to Congress to support free press and stop the Googlémocracy before it gets out of hand. To sign the petition, click here.


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