Here’s What XRP (XRP) Needs to Recover Over The 40 Cents Level in The Short-Term

The digital currency market is gradually recovering from a sharp dip yesterday. Yesterday, the prices of all the top digital currencies corrected lower, leaving the majority of them in the red. The price of Bitcoin (BTC) also plunged lower and traded close to the $7,500 mark. The price of XRP was not left behind, it broke below a major support level. Some digital currencies plunged by as much as 15 percent in less a day. However, the digital currency is now recovering, with most coins back in the green.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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The price of XRP is also on the rise. However, the growth in XRP USD live price is very slow. At such rate, the short-term XRP price prediction may not be seen soon. While XRP is one of the biggest gainers over the past day, the price of XRP is still trapped under the 40 cents level. Among the top ten digital currencies, the biggest gainer over the past day is Litecoin (LTC). The price of Litecoin is up by more than 12 percent, bringing LTC USD live price to $130, which is the short-term Litecoin price prediction 2019.

XRP Price Prediction 2019: What Does XRP (XRP) Need to Break the 40 Cents Hurdle? – XRP Price Forecast

The price of XRP seems trapped under the 40 cents mark. How long are the bulls going to hold XRP price under that level? The 40 cents level used to be the major support level for XRP price, and it is now acting as resistance to the coin. At the moment, XRP needs buyers to show up and keep the bullish tendency up. The digital currency needs more bullish traction, XRP news, and optimistic XRP price prediction 2019 to attract more buyers to the coin.

With more bullish XRP news, developments, or possibly the potential partnership between Ripple and Binance, the price of XRP will head to the moon. There are rumors that Binance – the most dominant digital currency trading platform in the world – wants to partner with Ripple to use its XRP-based product – xRapid. If this partnership is successful, nothing will stop the price of XRP from heading to the moon.

There were also rumors about Ripple acquiring MoneyGram – an international payment system. However, there has been no confirmation from any of the companies at the moment. May believed that this bullish XRP news contributed to the recent boost in the price of XRP. With more news like this, XRP would not have trouble breaking over the short-term XRP price prediction.

XRP Price Analysis – XRP Price Prediction 2019 – XRP USD Live Price – XRP Price Forecast – XRP News Today

XRP USD price was recently trading close to the 44 cents level. The price of XRP plunged and broke the 42 cents level. The 40 cents mark which acted as support for a few days could no longer prevent losses, and XRP price plunged towards the 37 cents mark.

At the moment, XRP USD price is recovering and facing a minor hurdle at the 40 cents mark. However, the major hurdle of the coin is at the 42 cents level. XRP USD price is currently supported at the 38 cents level. XRP USD live price is 39 cents, after an increase of about 3 percent over the past day.

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