XRP Investors Get New Certificate For Simpler Transparent Trading from Vontobel

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XRP news today is centered around recent additions and partnerships that could enhance XRP price. A renowned global investment company, Vontobel Investment Banking, has revealed that it will be giving its customers a new crypto product. The company is making moves to improve crypto trading. After letting digital asset investors trade the top tokens including the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, Vontobel Investment Banking has decided to expand its options for users by adding Ripple’s XRP token. XRP is currently the 3rd largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

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XRP News: XRP’s Addition Will be Initially Available to German and Swiss Based Investors

The new trading option according to Vontobel, will be initially offered to only German and Swiss-based investors. This is because Germany and Switzerland are two of the countries with most of the company’s customers.

The XRP token is ideally the obvious investment option that Vontobel added because it is worth “more than a cryptocurrency.” It is a crypto and an institutional payment token as well (which could make some users see it as an option less than a crypto as a result of centralization concerns).

It is important to note that, currently, XRP holds a market cap of no less than $17 billion. This figure puts it just behind Bitcoin and Ethereum in the rankings. The previous reason is one of the many reasons why Vontobel opted to launch this new offering. The product “an Open-End Certificate on XRP.”

The open-end certificate will reportedly be a way for crypto investors to get a stake in the coin without holding XRP to do it. By using this model, they can successfully participate in price swings that XRP undergoes and its network without holding it all together.

XRP News: The New Product Will Allow Trading on Stock Exchanges

This is, obviously, not the investment for diehard crypto fans. Many people are still wary of holding actual cryptos, so this new investment is far more focused on these people. Another interesting point of the new project is that the certificate will be tradable on stocks exchanges, the kind of market that these investors participate.

Roger Studer, who serves as the head of Vontobel Investment Banking, has confirmed that the company’s decision to launch the project is another significant milestone. According to him, the move updates the broad range of services that are provided by the company. It also gives investors more investment opportunities for better diversification.

XRP News: Vontobel Investment Banking Focuses on Building Investment Options for Institutional and Independent Users

Vontobel Investment Banking is a renowned leading financial setup that is focused on setting up investment solutions for institutional and private or independent clients. The company’s business model is focused mainly on the digital world. It involves managing risks instead of betting over the top. This way, it can successfully create steady investment opportunities for its clients around the world.

Some of the services that are being offered by the investment company include corporate finance, brokerage, transaction banking, and structured products. They also offer several other kinds of solutions for digital asset platforms.

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