XRP Is Key In International Payments According To Ripple Exec, How Will This Affect The Future Price Of XRP?

Ripple News Today – XRP is Ripple pride. The Silicon Valley tech company believes that the XRP token is going to be the game changer in the upcoming revolution in the traditional remittance world. The XRP token has become rather popular over time. This is why the XRP price prediction is bullish irrespective of the current price action of the token. XRP was created to be the perfect tool for cross-border remittance. Now, the VP of Product Marketing at Ripple has said that XRP will play a crucial role in the future of international payments. How will this affect the price of XRP? Will this key role be the catalyst that finally leads to a surge in the price of XRP?

XRP News Today – XRP Latest Update – Ripple News – XRP Is Key To International Payments

Kevin Mole is one out of many Ripple executives who genuinely believe that XRP will change the world. According to him, XRP plays a significant role in Ripple’s cross-border payments. It helps the company provide faster and cheaper international remittance services. He said this in Ripple’s recent episode of Ripple Drop. He wasn’t the only one who talked about Ripple. Other executives at the company including Craig Dewitt, and Pegah Soltani participated in this episode. It was anchored by Reinhard Cate, a well-known cryptocurrency journalist. The main subject was on-demand liquidity.

According to Mole, transferring funds using XRP doesn’t require any pre-funded account. This is why it is fast and cheap. This is what makes it the perfect option for international remittance. For example, if there is XRP payment enabled in two countries and a company wants to make an international transaction, it would be able to do it with ease. Right now, this service is only available in the Philippines and Mexico but Ripple intends to make it a global phenomenon. These two countries receive a significant amount of money through Ripple’s xRapid and in extension, XRP.

Ripple News Today – XRP News Today – How Will This Affect The Price Of XRP In The Future

Right now, only a handful of companies are using the xRapid protocol. This is part of the reason why Ripple decided to upgrade RippleNet to make it possible for xCurrent users to use xRapid without having to overhaul their systems. Apart from this, Ripple’s partners will have 100% visibility rights on each fund transfer even if the companies have no direct relationship with the counterparties. The company also incorporated a new toolkit for its partners which would allow them to use RippleNet in days and not weeks.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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At the time of writing, the price of XRP was bleeding out against the USD at $0.396025. This means that it is down by 0.14% against the USD and down by 0.62% against BTC. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $1,224,039,587 and the market capitalization is $16,727,674,337. The cryptocurrency has been unable to retest the $0.40 level for days now. With a rise in the adoption of xRapid, XRP is going to experience a parabolic bull run and it would become the most sort-after cryptocurrency in the space.

What do you think about the XRP prediction in our XRP news today? Is XRP key to international payments? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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