Cryptocurrency Market Update: Binance Coin, Tezos, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and EOS Among Best Cryptocurrencies


For our cryptocurrency market update, we will be focusing on the best five cryptocurrencies for the year. Off course Bitcoin remains the king of all cryptocurrencies.  The asset class has strengthened its position at the top. The coin is head and shoulders above the rest. Without any doubt, the pioneer cryptocurrency boosts the largest market cap and transaction hence placing it as the top dog.

But despite Bitcoin’s dominance and remarkable improvement since the bear season ended, the number one coin has failed to secure a position among the top five best performing cryptos for this year. Who leads the list? Let’s move forward and see.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

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Binance Coin Gained 475% So Far This Year

Last month, Binance coin became the first digital asset to attain its January 2018 record which was an all-times-high. This was a remarkable achievement for the coin. It put BNB among the best ten coins for market capitalization two months earlier. Interestingly, a $41 million hacking attempt couldn’t derail for very long. About 475% of profits are nothing to be really taken lightly for the next few months. The coin is set to still improve its position.

Tezos Gained 255% So Far This Year

The Tezos price has had a bumpy ride since last year to early this year. This happened for multiple causes. Chief of them was the ultimate unveiling of Tezos mainnet. Which removed over $170 million from its market capitalization. Now Tezos has moved on from the bad memories, having gained 70% in profits in just three days. The coin has been continuously capitalizing on the current market action and has gained no less than 255% so far this year.

Litecoin Gained 254% So Far This Year

For Litecoin price, this year has actually been a success story. The coin has experienced firm profits for the last few months and pushed LTH into the list of the best players in the sector. The coin saw fine fettle gains after the Mimblewimble statement that was released back in February, March, and April, even May. With Litecoin’s halving event coming up in 70 days, LTH price is expected to vigorously rise.

Bitcoin Cash Gained 166% So Far This Year

The action of Bitcoin Cash so far has been OK. Although as of November 2018, the coin was struggling which almost led to a harsh war. The coin has rebounded and shaken off the past to enter the top five best performing cryptocurrencies for 2019. In 2019, Bitcoin Cash has been retrieving its status following the decision to link in Dr Craig Wright. The future looks bright for the coin.

EOS Gained 158% So Far This Year

Number five among the best performing cryptocurrencies for 2019 is EOS in terms of market cap. EOS, recorded notable profits this year. The coin came to the limelight after Dan Larimer the network’s co-founder threatened to jot down Bitcoin and Ethereum. EOS gained an impressive 158% this year to stay in number 5.

Final Words

Despite the fact that Bitcoin gained 134%, it is still outside the top five. Number 7 – 10 positions include Cardano gained 106%, Dash gained 100%, Monero gained 93% and Ethereum gained 91%.

Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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