As Cardano Shelley Upgrade Draws Nearer, Charles Hoskinson Encourages Community To Prepare Even As ADA Falls Against The USD

Cardano News Today – The entire Cardano community has been waiting patiently for the Cardano Shelley upgrade. This upgrade is going to change the game for Cardano and lead to a surge in the price of ADA. A few months ago, the co-founder of the Cardano blockchain, Charles Hoskinson, said that the blockchain is going to become 100 times more decentralized than Bitcoin after the Cardano Shelley is activated. This, among other features, will drive the mass adoption of Cardano and set the stage for it to take over Ethereum, the current leading host of smart contract and decentralized applications. Recently, Hoskinson gave another speech about the future of Cardano and the upcoming Shelley upgrade.

Cardano News Today – Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Urges Community To Prepare For Shelley Upgrade

During the recent blockchain event which took place in Japan, Hoskinson asked the Cardano community to prepare for the Cardano Shelley upgrade. According to him, the success of failure of the blockchain depends on the community and not on the founders. “I am not in charge, you are, he said”. These words are true because the Cardano blockchain is decentralised. So, consensus among the community members is important.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


In the next two weeks, the Cardano blockchain will be activated on the testnet. After a while, the beta version will be activated. With the Cardano Shelley upgrade, the blockchain will no longer depend on a the proof-of-work consensus mechanism which was made famous by Bitcoin. It would start depending on the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. Note that Ethereum is also planning to migrate to the PoS algorithm soon. The Ethereum Serenity upgrade is going to be the final version of Ethereum and it would be based on PoS.

Well, Cardano has beat Ethereum on the race to true decentralization. Now, the influence that developers like Hoskinson and other members of the Cardano development team will drop significantly. According to Hoskinson, every member of the Cardano community must be armed with information because whatever they decide will affect the future of the blockchain. He also talked about the fact that the Cardano community has made a lot of progress. The community will be celebrating the second anniversary of the blockchain soon.

Cardano News Today – Cardano Price Prediction – Current Price Of ADA

Ahead of the Cardano Shelley upgrade, ADA has been on a roller coaster ride alternating between sideways trends and up trends. About two days ago, the price of Cardano ADA surged by more than 10% against the USD leading most of the coins in an altcoin rally. Unfortunately, the bull run was short lived. At the time of writing, the price of the cryptocurrency had fallen significantly against the USD. It is currently trading at $0.087988. This means that it is down by 5.73% against the USD and down by 8.74% against BTC. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $223,605,404 and the market capitalization is $2,281,260,887. Before the Cardano Shelley upgrade is activated, the price of ADA will most likely be bullish if the traders stop panicking.

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