June Has Been A Productive Month For XRP, Bitcoin, Zcash, Litecoin, BNB and Others – COR Index Report

The COR Index published its most recent monthly crypto exchange data. This report was compiled based on figures collected from 150 cryptos from top exchanges.

As usual, market leader Bitcoin remains on top. While Bitcoin Cash is trailing closely behind. Litecoin and Ethereum, along with Binance Coin make up the rest of the list of top growers.

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Cryptocurrency Market Update: Bitcoin Saw 35.64% Growth

According to the report, Bitcoin showed sustained growth for the month with a 35.64% increase in value. While, Bitcoin Cash, has grown at a similar rate of 35.89%. BTC is trading at $7,738, currently which is an impressive bounce-back following many months of stagnated valuations. Bitcoin Cash is currently priced at $388, after completing its fifth steady month of growth following a nearly $100 valuation when the year started.

The top growth rate in this category for the month is Litecoin after gaining 40.96% dynamic in valuation. Trailing behind Litecoin is Binance Coin. BNB, Binance’s exchange platform’s coin, saw 40.18% growth. While the next in line, Ethereum, arguably the most hyped coin since Bitcoin, added 39.72% to its value.

Among the digital assets that lost value the most this month, Byteball Bytes is leading with a whopping 22.31% lost in terms of growth.

Cryptocurrency Market Update: Surprise Project Leads in Transaction Volume

Another project that impressed in June is Po.et which was launched in May 2017. The digital asset showed a surprise rise by 2394.64% in growth in the past month. This coin takes the top spot for this month’s rankings. Zilliqa holds the second spot with a 224.6% growth rate. While Holo takes the number three spot after growing by 94.4% in transaction volume.

Dent is another coin that sustained the biggest negative growth with a 16.39% drop from last month’s figures.

COR’s report includes Refined Currency Transaction Volume. In this list, the leading digital asset is Holo after growing by 208.1% with XRP behind after gaining 66.34%. Holo’s growth is the more impressive of the coins that make up this list.

Tripio is another leader among the three coins mentioned here indicating negative growth in the month of June with a 16.03% transaction volume drop. Dent’s transaction volume also dropped by 10.7% while that of Zipper dropped by 1.13%.

Cryptocurrency Market Update: Transaction Volume Experienced Steady Growth in the Coins Surveyed

Two chapters in the COR’s crypto report are dedicated to transaction volumes of top cryptos against the USD. The first is the Currency and USD Transaction Volume. It calculates the growth rate of digital coins’ on the market trading against the USD. The next chapter is called the Currency and USD Refined Transaction Volume. The analysis for this category includes USDT in trade indexes. The metrics mentioned here will allow investors to determine the health of any coin they hope to purchases. They will know if these coins have been indexed within the month of June or not.

Going by the above data the top growers for the month of June, in this category, include XRP and ZCash gaining 120.8% and 97.3% respectively. None of the coins highlighted in the above report has dropped this month. This has marked a month filled with steady growth in volume for top cryptos.

Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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