Will XRP Surge Above $1 Before The End Of 2019? Analysts Weigh In On The XRP Price Analysis, Predict A Breakout

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Ripple News Today – In the beginning of the year, we predicted that XRP will surge significantly against the USD before the end of the year. However, the cryptocurrency didn’t start the year on a bullish note. The cryptocurrency stayed in a sideways trend for months struggling within the $0.28 – $0.32 range. Following the announcement of the launch of a New York branch of Coinbase Pro, the price of the cryptocurrency was able to break several resistance levels surging as high as $0.46 against the USD. Unfortunately, after a while, the price of XRP started falling against the USD again. It fell below the $0.40 level and has been having difficulty staying above this point for days. Will XRP still move as high as $1 before the end of the year per our previous XRP price prediction 2019?

XRP News Today – XRP Prediction 2019 – XRP Price Prediction 2019 – Will XRP Hit $1 This Year?

While the price of XRP hasn’t been at its best, the cryptocurrency has been accumulating trading volume. This is one of the signs of an impending breakout. How high will the breakout be if the bulls take control of the market? Will XRP test new highs mid-term or is it going to remain within its current trading range? The latest price action indicates that buyers are waiting for the price of XRP to breakout of its current range which is $0.36 and $0.46. If XRP is able to gather enough momentum to move above the upper part of the range, it would cross the bearish territory and the bulls will gain full control of the market.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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If the XRP bulls are able to breakout of the range, the next resistance will be at $0.51. Buyers may be able to hold the price within the $0.51 and $0.58 range if the bulls remain in control of the market. Last year, the price of XRP was stuck in a bearish sideways trend throughout June and July. In September, it surged significantly. If history is to repeat itself, there is a high chance that a sideways will continue for a while giving traders an opportunity to accumulate until it finally spikes above $0.55.

Against the BTC, XRP is also preparing for a surge. History has shown that XRP typically meets up with Bitcoin’s momentum after about 21 days. So, even if the price of XRP is current being outperformed by Bitcoin, there is a strong chance that XRP will join the rally soon. To take advantage of both rallies, traders typically invest in BTC, take their profits and invest in XRP a few weeks later. This method has been effective throughout this year.

XRP News Today – XRP Price Prediction 2019 – XRP Price Analysis

At the time of writing, the price of XRP was $0.405368. This means that it is up by 1.61% against the USD and down by 2.71% against the BTC. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $1,229,268,615 and the market capitalization is $17,228,937,674. The next few trading sessions will determine if the price of XRP will change.

What do you think about the XRP price prediction in our XRP news today? Will XRP surge above $1 this year? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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