ZCash Launches New Zebra Software in Collaboration With Parity Technologies

As is always the case in the crypto space, launching new products drives adoption and boosts prices. Different digital assets always look for ways to launch new initiatives in way of collaborations to improve user experience. The latest Blockchain network to do this is Zcash.

According to reports, ZCash and Parity Technologies have worked together to provide better security to users of Zcash Blockchain. The goalhere is to improve services on Zcash’s Blockchain. Per the report, Smartereum understands that the ZCash Foundation partnered with Parity Technologies to create a new open source client software that will improve ZEC. The software is called Zebra. The report came to light via a press release on June 17.

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ZCash Foundation And Parity Technologies Collaborated for the Zebra Software

The new open source software client is called the Zebra. It has been released as part of Zcash’s move to provide redundancy in case of client failure. In this way, Zcash is expected to continue working in a more secure way. Its users will be more protected than ever.

The new product will ensure that there are a number of improvements to Zcash’s Blockchain. For example, the Blockchain network will be capable of detecting and averting issues with the consensus mechanism on which the network is run.

This move by Parity Technologies isn’t the first. Parity Technologies has long been working on a number of crypto clients before now. For example, the firm has developed Parity Ethereum in the past. The new software client, that is Zebra, reportedly exists to offer redundancy in the event case of client (Zcashd) failure. Zcash hopes that this move will provide much better security for its network as a whole.

Zebra Can Detect Implementation-specific Bugs

Additionally, the new client software (Zebra) is designed to improve the performance of Zcash’s Blockchain in other ways as well. One is having a means of “detecting implementation-specific bugs.”

Speaking on the new partnership with Parity Technologies to improve ZCash, Fredrik Harryson, the CTO of Parity, had this to say:

“The community wins. Zcash is now going to be a more diversified community capable of offering effectively tailor experiences for end users and Layer 2 developers .”

As of press time, ZEC is still the number 23 largest cryptocurrency in the market. The coin is currently trading at $100. ZEC’s total market capitalization has now reached $677. The coin is reportedly making remarkable progress.

The Latest on the Law Suit Against Zerocoin Electric Coin Company

It should be recalled from an earlier report by Cointelegraph, that, the crypto firm behind Zcash, Zerocoin Electric Coin Company is currently facing a $2 million lawsuit. The lawsuit was served by a former employee of the establishment.

Simon Liu, a Software Engineer sued his former employers on grounds that the contract entitled him to about 15,000 stock units, along with a “Founder’s Reward.” From the filing document of the case, it is cited that the company knowingly couldn’t pay Liu his entitlements. However, Liu’s former employers sent a letter to employees towards the end of last year, to inform them that there will be no stock option plan and never issued formal option grants for its employees.


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