NEO Will Surge By 264% Soon According To Latest NEO Price Analysis From Expert, Best Time To Buy NEO

NEO Coin News – NEO is one of the top smart contract and dApp platforms that is just like Ethereum. At one point, in our previous NEO coin news, we noted that NEO is a possible “Ethereum Killer”. Note that the term Ethereum Killer refers to a group of new blockchains that are direct competitors to Ethereum, the world’s foremost decentralized computer. Over the last few days, the NEO coin price has been lagging behind while other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and XRP have recorded significant gains against the USD and BTC.

NEO Coin News – NEO Latest Update – NEO Coin Price – NEO Will Surge By 264% Soon, When Is The Best Time To Buy NEO?

A few days ago, Trading Room, a Twitter handle that typically posts about cryptocurrencies posted that NEO is preparing for a price surge. The post was as follows;

“NEO/BTC is preparing for a big leg up soon. The expectation that NEO/USDT will print massive gains between 112% and 264%

NEO is for investors who have a mid- or long-term investment horizon. In fact, @tradingroomapp predicted that NEO will move higher against both bitcoin and TetherUS”.

The account also posted a price chart as evidence of the upcoming surge. NEO is currently in an ascending trendline over a seven day period. The trader noted that NEO traders have a habit of buying the dip. So, the lower the price goes, the higher the buying pressure will be when it starts. However, before the bulls can take full control of the market, NEO must take out the diagonal resistance. When this happens, the NEO coin price will have three price targets. One is $27.355, the other is $32.255, while the last is $44.66.

The post was made less than a week ago and the current price action of NEO is already reflecting a possible bull rally. Over the last three days, the price of NEO has stayed above the resistance at $13. This led to the break out from the ascending triangle pattern leading to more gains near-term. Thanks to this breakout, the downtrend has come to an end and the bulls are ready to take full control of the market. Right now, the bulls have set sights at $20.50. Breaking above this level will not be immediate but it will happen eventually.

NEO News Today – NEO Price Forecast – NEO Coin News – Current Price Of NEO

At the time of writing, the price of NEO was $13.91. This means that it is up by 1.23% against the USD and up by 1.26% against BTC. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $390,502,124 and the market capitalization is $981,431,443.

NEO (NEO) Price Today – NEO / USD


If the price of NEO remains on the bullish path it will eliminate the horizontal resistance at $20.00 and move above the diagonal resistance of the ascending trendline. If this happens, there will be a major breakout that would bring incredible gains to investors according to Trading Room.

What do you think about the NEO coin price prediction by trading room? Does NEO have what it takes to rise by 264% against the USD. Share your thoughts about the NEO coin news in the comment section.


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