Litecoin Partners with Bibox Exchange to Launch A Physical Cryptocurrency Debit Card

Litecoin has been on its feet, amassing gains daily, as the Litecoin halving date draws closer. Clearly, Litecoin (LTC) is one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019. The digital currency has proven itself by surging by almost 400 percent over the past couple of month. The Litecoin prediction 2019 is also acting like bulls, attracting more investors to the digital currency. However, most of the gains the digital currency has accumulated so far are attributed to the forthcoming Litecoin halving. The Litecoin halving date is somewhere in August, and the price of Litecoin is expected to continue surging higher until then.

Litecoin Foundation Pushes for Increased adoption By Partnering with Bibox Exchange and Ternio – Litecoin Price Prediction 2019

According to a recent announcement by the Litecoin Foundation, the blockchain project will soon be releasing a physical digital currency debit card. According to the blog post which was published on June 18, the Foundation just partnered with Bibox Exchange and Ternio – a blockchain firm – to achieve this. The post also disclosed that the firms will work together to launch a digital currency debit card called “BlockCard.”

Litecoin (LTC) Price Today – LTC / USD

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According to the report, the digital currency debit card will allow users to spend their digital currency funds online as well as in physical stores located across the globe. Users can keep digital currencies such as Litecoin (LTC), the native token of Ternio – Ternio (TERN) – and the native token of Bibox Exchange – Bibox (BIX).

As a team, Ternio, the blockchain firm, will be providing a dedicated platform. Whereas, Bibox Exchange will act as the custodian of the funds of users and leverage digital currency trading volume worth more than $200 million. Bibox and the Litecoin Foundation will integrate the card into the trading platform of Bibox and the official wallet of Litecoin – LoafWallet. In a statement, the Litecoin Foundation stated:

“This is an exciting partnership for us as it furthers the mission of the Litecoin Foundation to create more use-cases for spending Litecoin in everyday life. Leveraging the BlockCard platform of Ternio with the exchange engine of Bibox gives Litecoin holders unparalleled access to use their digital currency at stores across the globe.”

Litecoin Will See an Increase in Adoption After the Launch of BlockCard – Litecoin Prediction 2019

The price of Litecoin is going to benefit greatly from this development. This is because the digital currency would see an increase in adoption after the launch of the digital currency debit card. The use case of Litecoin will see a significant boost, which would result in an increase in its adoption. An increase in the adoption and use case of Litecoin would result in an increase in the price of Litecoin (LTC).

Litecoin is one of the most outstanding coins in the market at the moment. The digital currency is still holding the 4th position on the list of top digital currencies in the market. The recent Litecoin price trend has been impressive. The digital currency is now making a move towards the $150 mark, which is our short-term Litecoin price prediction 2019. One of the most interesting trends of Litecoin is that it continues to trade in the green when other digital currencies are plunging deep in the red. Litecoin has more potential to keep surging higher, especially with the Litecoin halving date drawing closer.  

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