Tron Set For Mainnet Update, How Will It Impact The Price of TRX

The Tron protocol is set to update its MainNet. The goal is to improve it to version 3.6. Tron foundation recently announced via a blog post that it’s planned exercise ould soon be completed. The new project is called Odyssey-V3.6. Per the blog post the team behind Tron said:

With the joint efforts of the development team at the Tron Foundation, the Odyssey-V3.6 MainNet update will adopt a lightweight built-in event server that will also include added protocol data check.”

Tron’s team of developers say the Odyssey V3.6 upgrade will make the Tron network more secure with better stability. Areas like privacy, speed, and simplicity of use will all be improved after the MainNet has been upgraded.

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New Update Will Allow Users to Turn on Custom Features When Using TRX

Several points have been highlighted in the blog post which narrates how the Tron protocol will be affected by the update. Along with what the improvements will also accomplish for users.

Users will also have the ability to finally switch on custom features as they use Tron. Per the blog post about Tron’s upgrade here’s what we can deduce:

The protocol will implement a lightweight built-in server that provides convenience for DApp developers and allows them to customize their event service whenever they choose to switch the feature on.”

The new upgrade to the network will ensure security is improved on the network via more powerful multi-sig compatibility and multi proactive measures.

In essence, according to the blog post, Odyssey-V3.6 will:

– Enhance protocol data check so as to prevent malicious data from hitting the network on the chain.

– Add transaction permission settings that users can easily access and is compatible with a multi-signature poor.

Odyssey-V3.6 Upgrade to Make Tron’s Blockchain More Efficient

The Odyssey-V3.6 upgrade of Tron’s mainnet also promises to ensure that Tron’s Blockchain becomes a more efficient one. According to a promise by the Tron foundation, transactions will become smoother and a lot faster. Here’s how the blog post puts it:

“Optimize the peer-to-peer network and block/transaction broadcasting model for the gRPC/HTTP interface. Which will further improve the stability of the Tron’s Blockchain network.”

This is a thrilling development for the network and will help drive adoption.

Odyssey-V3.6 Upgrade to Make the Tron Network Simpler and Safer for Users

Tron’s founder and CEO Justin Sun when speaking about the Odyssey-V3.6 upgrade on Tron, said it will make its Blockchain simpler and safer for consumers or users.

It should be recalled from an earlier report relating to the news of Tron’s mainnet upgrade, the Odyssey version 3.6 will upgrade will contain new features that have been designed to make the creation of DApps a lot easier. The upgrade will also enhance protocol data check in a bid prevent malicious data from entering the chain.

Sun has also remarked that the Tron project is on its way to performing better than Ethereum in every aspect. Sun’s style is known to be relentless in promoting the network’s projects, but now Sun ad Tron may actually be ready or able to live up to the expectations.

Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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