Finally! Cardano Team Launches Staking Testnet, What Does This Milestone Mean For ADA?

Cardano News Today – Cardano has been on fire since the beginning of the year as the network keeps crossing one developmental milestone after another. Of all the big things that Cardano has going on, the Cardano Shelley upgrade is the biggest. This upgrade is expected to make the Cardano blockchain 100 times more decentralized than the Bitcoin blockchain. This is automatically going to make it a more competent “Ethereum Killer” than other smart contract and dApp platforms that intend to kick Ethereum out of business according to our previous Cardano news. Now, the Cardano development team has released the first Shelley testnet. What does this mean for Cardano and ADA? Will the Cardano Shelley upgrade influence the Cardano price prediction 2019?

Cardano News Today – Cardano Price Prediction 2019 – Cardano Shelley Testnet Is Active

With the first testnet active, users are preparing to use the staking mechanisms that will be activated on the Cardano Shelley when it is on the mainnet. Crossing this milestone is a big deal for Cardano and it proves that the team behind the blockchain is dedicated to debuting the Cardano Shelley upgrade in record time. After it is activated, it’s going to fix a lot of things on the blockchain and finalize Coinbase’s flirtation with the Cardano ADA token which has been ongoing since last year. The cardano development team had this to say on the new website;

“The Cardano Shelley testnet provides a way for ada users and developers in our community to experiment with staking and help build up a collection of stake pools on Cardano.”

ow, members of the cards no community can set up staking pools and other required infrastructure that would be debuted when Cardano Shelley goes live. While the team hasn’t set a specific date for the release of the Cardano Shelley, it will most definitely happen in 2019. In the Cardano roadmap, there is a vivid description of the multi-phase process that will eventually lead to the Cardano Shelley upgrade. The team has predicted that this is going to be a game changer for the blockchain. Part of the post was as follows;

“Once a certain threshold of stake pools is reached, and as more nodes are being run by the Cardano community, staking will be smoothly rolled out to the mainnet. At this point, we expect Cardano to be 50-100 times more decentralized than other large blockchain networks.”

Cardano News Today – ADA News Today – ADA Latest Update – ADA/USD – Current Price Of ADA – Will Coinbase List ADA?

A while ago, Coinbase said that it is considering listing the ADA token. Members of the Cardano community hope that this Cardano Shelley upgrade is going to be the catalyst that would help coinbase recognize the importance of listing the ADA token. In 2018, when Coinbase said that it was exploring listing Cardano ADA, it mentioned four other tokens, all of which have been listed. If Coinbase should list ADA after the Shelley upgrade, the Coinbase effect and the surge caused by the upgrade will lead to a surge in the price of the token.

After falling by more than 10% during the week, the price of ADA has started trending in green once again regaining 6% of its lost value. At the time of writing, however, ADA was trading at $0.089902. This means that it is down by 0.47% against the USD and down by 10.75% against BTC. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $148,207,248 and the market capitalization is $2,330,899,156.

What do you think about the Cardano price prediction 2019 and Cardano Shelley upgrade in our Cardano news today? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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