Bitcoin Crossed the $10K Mark and Gave XRP a 6% Lift, How High Can XRP Go?

Bitcoin’s price action has always constantly affected the performance of other cryptos. When Bitcoin price increases, other digital asset prices do the same. Now as Ripple’s XRP token managed to sharply rise above the $0.4500 price position and clears key resistance positions at $0.449, analysts speculate that if BTC price moves over $10k it could make XRP price record a 6% increase.

XRP price had begun by moving towards stability above the $0.45 position. While it may seem like there are strong support positions near $0.43 and $0.44, XRP price is very likely to record higher price increases. How did we arrive here?

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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XRP Price Prediction: XRP Price is Bullish Presently

Ripple’s XRP price, is presently in bullish territory. It is now trading higher against the USD, having traced notable price surges in just the last few hours of the day. However, XRP’s price against Bitcoin has seen further declines in almost a similar time frame.

Having an opening price of $0.4298, Ripple’s XRP had increased and moved over $0.4300. It had managed to maintain its price range between the $0.4301 to $0.4495 positions as of June 21. It is today when XRP price has crossed the major barrier of $0.449 and entered the $0.4557 mark.

After hovering around the $0.4500 position a bit, the price of XRP corrected down at $0.4478. After which it began a price recovery that saw it move above the $0.4500 mark. The coin is currently trading at $0.4570 as of press time. Presently, XRP price is trading upwards against BTC. It on course to set a new monthly high over $0.4600. In the past 24 hours, the price of XRP has shown a 6% increase.

XRP Price Prediction: XRP is In Positive Position Now Compared To What Happened Last Month

Looking at the charts, the price action of Ripple’s XRP token is giving positive signs. The coin’s current price is high when compared to what it was last one month. XRP’s current price is $0.4570 which is 9.48% higher than what it was 30 days ago. At this time 30 days earlier the price of XRP was at $0.4174.

It is notable to highlight how XRP’s price point of $0.45 stands out. It has been considered as a significant resistance position until yesterday. The current price of XRP is likely going to turn into a support position if XRP surges higher in coming trade sessions. XRP price must break the $0.46 barrier if it has to initiate a solid upward movement.

XRP News: MACD is Moderately Volatile, RSI Is Pointing Towards Stability

Looking at the tech indicators for XRP/USD, we can see that the MACD pattern appears moderately volatile. Although it also indicates bullishness in XRP’s price trend because the MACD chart moves over the signal trend. Also, RSI for XRP/USD stands at 50. This is pointing out that the stability that the XRP cryptocurrency is holding in the current shape of things.

If the price of XRP manages to rally further, it might see resistance points at $0.4666. Although if it tumbles, it will also see some support at the $0.433, $0.4229 and $0.4162 areas. The bull run has started officially, how high can XRP go?

Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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