EOS, Bitcoin SV, BCH, TRON and NEO Among the Top Six Performing Altcoins For the Week

Now that the number one digital asset by market capitalization Bitcoin has found its footing and maintained an upward movement once again, everyone is watching the rest of the altcoins to know which markets will record big gains. There has been a breath of fresh air as Bitcoin has pushed its limits and exceeded $10k. As the trend goes BTC always leads rallies that other coins follow.

To this moment, how things will evolve at the end of the exercise remains to be seen, albeit a section of markets going on massive gaining sprees currently. The digital asset’s highlighted under have shown tremendous potential since Bitcoin’s massive turn around.

EOS Price Today – EOS / USD


EOS Recorded Gains Amounting to 7.5%

In the case of the EOS protocol, today has been found to be a good day for the coin. After a strong 7.5% increase in the value when coin. The coin was one of the best gainers in the last week. Despite its performance, EOS failed to dethrone Bitcoin Cash from the number five position in terms of market capitalization. It appears that these correlations will carry on for some time.

Bitcoin SV Extends its Position

Bitcoin SV is actually far from a defunct offering. At least in the terms of market value, things look promising for Bitcoin SV speculators and proponents. After seeing 8.89% in gains for its value for today, the altcoin managed to stay some distance from Tether. The performance of this token should be watched for obvious reasons.

There Was a Strong Push for Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash has managed to gain no less than 10% in the last 24 hours as a result of Bitcoin’s push. It was originally looking like BCH price would struggle to reach $500, but in the end,  it was a different story altogether. It isn’t unlikely that the speculated price point will not be attained, even though the market is highly volatile at the moment.

TRON is Once More Ahead by a Few Steps

Tron, a Blockchain project that is still incredibly popular, had initially slipped to the number 12 position on the rankings of the best cryptocurrencies. However, today saw the coin gain 9.81%. This shows that there is still more room for improvement. Meaning, it wouldn’t take plenty of effort to move back into the top 10.

Ontology Moves Past $1.5 Once More

Ontology has reportedly had a good year so far since the turn of 2019. The coin gained a bit of value. Having seen an 11.92% increase in its price for the day. This milestone pushes the price of ONT over $1.57 once more. Something that most holders and proponents will certainly be happy about. Sustaining this growth level may pose a different issue altogether.

The Biggest Winner is NEO

Surprisingly, NEO is the biggest gainer among the top 25 for the last week. This doesn’t come as a big surprise. The coin has done well this year. It gained 22.45% in just 24 hours. Steep gains like this indicate that NEO will see a steep retrace in coming sessions. However, it is still too very early to reach any real conclusions regarding this.


Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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