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Ripple News Today – Over the last few days, the second largest altcoin, XRP has enjoyed bullish pressure thanks to the parabolic bull run of BTC and the general sentiment in the market. In our previous XRP prediction 2019, we noted that the price of XRP was surging along with the price of BTC aiming for the $0.50 mark. Bitcoin was able to break the psychological hurdle at $10,000 for the first time in more than one year. The general positive sentiment in the market is amazing but XRP technical analysis show that this XRP bull run is just the beginning. 

XRP News Today – XRP Technical Analysis – XRP Latest Update – XRP Will Retest All-time High

According to the XRP price analysis on NewsBtc, the price of XRP will surge above its all-time high soon. During the 2017/2018 Bitcoin bull run, the price of XRP moved above $3.89 almost cross $4 before the market wide correction started. This time, as the price of XRP started to increase, it broke several resistance levels as it found its way to $0.50. Unfortunately, it was unable to cross the resistance at $0.50 before the market correction started. Does this mean the bulls are out of the game? Not exactly. A market correction usually follows a rapid price surge.

The buying pressure for XRP intensified yesterday along with the buying pressure for Bitcoin. It moved passed the resistance at $0.48. If the bulls had maintained the pace, the price of XRP would have been well above $0.50 by now. The entire cryptocurrency community has been talking about this Bitcoin bull run and the general cryptocurrency market bull run. According to one of the reputable members of the cryptocurrency community, Cryptomist, this surge in the price of XRP is nothing compared to what is to come. In her words;

“$XRP Yasssss! After weeks of mentioning it, we finally are making some solid ground. We are facing some resistance here at 47c however, 48cents is historical resistance from 23rd April. You want a Bag for when this break. Congrats if you been accumulating with me.”

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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Many members of the cryptocurrency community don’t like XRP. Apart from the XRP army, a group of dedicated XRP lovers who believe that XRP is the future, most Bitcoin supporters hate XRP. Yesterday, however, many of them agreed that XRP is primed for a parabolic bull run that will take it above its all-time high. Another member of the cryptocurrency community, Bleeding Crypto, said something similar. In his words;

“People who told you XRP would not go anywhere, just remember how ignorant they are. This will reach ATH. no one gives a shit if its a bank coin or not. Decentralize or not. All that matters is that you can make a shit load of money from it. PERIOD. Be careful who you follow!”

Ripple News Today – Current Price Of XRP – Will XRP Re-est All-time High?

At the time of writing, the price of XRP was $0.473352. This means that it is up by 0.39% against the USD and up by 3.70% against the price of BTC. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $3,245,360,908 and the market capitalization is $20,118,403,409.

For now, it’s not clear when XRP will re-test its all-time high. However, everyone can agree that the price is primed for a surge. What do you think? Will the XRP price prediction 2019 in our XRP news today come to fulfillment? Share your thoughts about the XRP price analysis in the comment section below.


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