Crypto News Today: Zcash Blockchain to be Redesigned as Facebook’s Calibra Plans to Appoint a Head of Data Science

Digital assets have had a stable upward action in the last few days. Despite concerns about Facebook’s Libra coin and other issues within the digital, Bitcoin and altcoins have done well enough. Bitcoin has pushed on strongly in its current bull run and moved over the $10k mark. At the current pace, the coin is expected to reach $20k to $40k by year end. Now, having given a brief overview of the market, our focus for today will be on the reports of Zcash’s Blockchain being redesigned and Facebook’s Calibra appointing a head of Data Science. While Binance DEX has received its first stablecoin paring.

Zcash (ZEC) Price Today – ZEC / USD


Zcash Blockchain to be Redesigned

According to reports Zcash’s Blockchain will be redesigned. Smartereum understands that the ECC (Electric Coin Company ), the entity behind the development of the Blockchain on which Zcash runs, is said to be planning to make redesign Zcash. The upgrade will make the privacy-cryptocurrency more user-friendly for cash payments.

Covering nitches such as scalability and funding via sharding, Zcash’s future was presented and discussed in the past weekend at Zcon1. Zcon1 is a yearly Zcash-focused conference that delineates on ways to make the coin a better offering for users.

Facebook’s Calibra to Appoint Head of Data Science

In a move that saw the subsidiary of Facebook continue in its desire to build its team, Calibra has announced that it will be hiring a head of Data Science. The company posted the job position for the Head of Data Science this past Saturday. The job ad was on LinkedIn.

Going by the job description of Head of Data Science on LinkedIn, the candidate who will hold the position will have to be experienced in analytics apart from being a leader. He or she must be prepared to head the management of Facebook’s consumer-facing wallet product, the report says.

This wallet is going to be the first unique product to come from Facebook’s Calibra. Calibra has been building financial services in the ecosystem surrounding Facebook’s Libra coin. Libra is a digital asset initiative that is set for a 2020 launch announced. Reports of the coin were confirmed after the social media powerhouse announced last week.

Binance DEX to Receive First Stablecoin Trading Pair

According to reports, Stably, a Blockchain firm that creates fiat-based stablecoins on a number of protocols, recently announced the launch of its USD-backed stablecoin, the USDS to be traded on both Binance exchange and Binance DEX.

This recent announcement marks the first of more stablecoins to be launched on Binance DEX. Per a blog post from the Blockchain company, Stably, this Binance DEX listing will allow the “other Binance Chain projects an opportunity to establish transparent, stable and liquid, on-chain trading pairs.” For now, it is only Binance Coin that has been paired against the USDSB.

While it is still only one crypto (Binance Coin) that is being paired against USDSB for now, the Stably Blockchain firm has said that it is working on implementing its “plan to list the USDSB with additional assets soon. The listing will also be on Binance DEX in the near future.


Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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