XRP May be The Best Cryptocurrency to Invest In 2019 If You Are Looking for A Great ROI Ratio

If you have been hearing or reading about the crypto market over the past few years, then you might have heard or read about XRP and Ripple. XRP has put up one of the best performance over the past years. Since its emergence, the digital currency has been making waves. The digital currency has worked hard to emerge as the third largest digital currency in the world by market cap according to CoinMarketCap. Sometime last year, XRP was battling the second position with Ethereum (ETH) – which is currently the second largest digital currency by market cap. XRP lost that position due to the volatility of the coin over the past year.

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About Ripple and XRP – Cryptocurrency Market Update – Cryptocurrency News Today

Ripple Labs, also known as Ripple, is a San-Francisco startup that is responsible for promoting and developing the Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTXP). The aim of Ripple is to become the go-to platform for cross-border transactions. XRP is a token on the Ripple Network, and the Ripple Network is one of the fastest in the blockchain space. It takes only about two to four seconds to complete a transaction. Ripple has several cross-border payment products. Some of its products are xRapid, xCurrent, xVia, and RippleNet. xRapid uses XRP to process international transactions. Many banks and financial institutions across the globe are using some of Ripple’s product, due to the fast, efficient, and cheap nature of the network.

Is XRP (XRP) the Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2019? – XRP Price Prediction 2019 – XRP USD Price – XRP News Today

While there is no clear pointer that XRP is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019, there are lots of indications that XRP is one of the best cryptocurrency 2019. XRP is one of the most popular digital currencies in the market, and it has a very large community. However, there are still some digital asset investors with skeptical views about the digital currency. According to David Schwartz, the network of Ripple is decentralized. Whereas, the co-founder of Ethereum – Vitalik Buterin – said that Ripple has too much control over XRP. Nevertheless, there seem to be more benefits than disadvantages. Here are some of the pointers that make XRP one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019:

  • The Ripple Network Is a Revolutionary Transaction Protocol: The transaction protocol of Ripple was created to make transactions between banks faster and simpler. The protocol is one of the fastest and cheapest in the industry. It lets users send tokens that support fiat currencies and digital currencies. Other assets and information can also be sent on the platform. Ripple processes 1,500 transactions per second. It is safe, useful, and it takes less than four seconds to process a transaction.
  • Low Transaction Fees: Banks are highly attracted to the network because of its low transaction costs. Both banks and their clients get to benefit from the low fees of the platform.
  • Great Return on Investment Ratio: This is one of the major factors that makes XRP one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019. The digital currency has experienced its ups and downs, but it has amassed a significant level of growth over the past years. XRP has been giving digital asset investors huge returns over the past years.
  • Future of Money Remittance: The XRP network is growing every day and more banks and financial institutions are signing up with it. MoneyGram and Western Union have decided to join the league; this means the system of XRP is real. It also competes with top remittance firms such as PayPal. This makes XRP (XRP) a great investment option.

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