Cardano (ADA) Will Do Better Than Facebook’s Libra Coin in The Future, Says Charles Hoskinson

The founder and CEO of Cardano (ADA) – Charles Hoskinson – is one of the most outspoken bulls in the cryptocurrency industry. Hoskinson has been doing his best to promote the use and adoption of Cardano (ADA) as well as the blockchain of the project. Cardano (ADA) is one of the most active crypto projects in the crypto industry. The blockchain project has achieved quite a lot since its emergence. In terms of price, ADA is seen as one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019. Many digital asset investors see it as a great investment option. The price of Cardano (ADA) over the past weeks have been great.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


Recently, Facebook announced the forthcoming launch of its digital currency. The name of the coin is Libra Coin. Since the announcement, Facebook’s Libra Coin has been making waves in the digital currency space. Some analysts and digital asset investors believe that Libra Coin will cripple Bitcoin and other top coins in the market. Whereas, some analysts believe that libra coin will further boost the adoption of other coins in the market. Hoskinson recently released opinion about Facebook’s Libra Coin.

Hoskinson Believes Cardano Will Perform Better Than Facebook’s Libra Coin in the Future – Cardano News Today – Crypto News Update

Recently, the founder of Cardano (ADA) said that the emerging market is where digital currencies matter. He added that the digital currency of Facebook will not find success in this area. The CEO said that the emerging markets are the future. Hoskinson said:

“Emerging markets are where digital currencies matter. When I look at the developed world, I don’t care. It is highly regulated and, in many cases, a rigged system. If I decide to compete with any tech firm, the can just push me out through regulation. Then I sit down with the prime minister of Georgia and he says, we’re open for business. We can rebuild parts of their education infrastructure, create a new payment system or do a medical records system. The keys to the kingdom are right there. That’s four million people who in ten or twenty years will be very high-value users.”

What Hoskinson is trying to point out is that Facebook lacks relationships and the firm is going to have issues promoting its digital currency as a result of this issue. In a statement, the CEO said:

“Facebook has to come into countries it knows very little about and convince them to enslave themselves to an economic monopoly and give nothing in return. And their only pitch is that you will pay less on fees. I am going there and saying, we are going to rebuild all your systems so you have fraud-free land registration, better voting systems, and improved supply chains. We are already doing this stuff but it took years. These are relationship-based markets – and Facebook does not have those relationships.”

Cardano Price Analysis – Cardano Price Prediction – Cryptocurrency News Today

The digital currency market is currently in a correction phase. The prices of all the top digital currencies in the market are deep in the red. Bitcoin (BTC) price is down by more than 8 percent over the past day. At the press time, ADA USD live price is $0.08783 after a decrease of about seven percent over the past twenty-four hours. Cardano price is currently supported at the $0.08 mark. On the upside, the immediate hurdle of the coin is at the $0.09 mark.

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