Ripple’s Partner SendFriend Announces the Launch Of XRP-Powered xRapid Payments System, How Will XRP Price Respond?

The top twenty coins in the market are currently in the red. The digital currency market is currently correcting lower after surging significantly over the past few days. The recent crypto bull run saw the prices of many digital currencies test new yearly highs. The overall valuation of the entire market also rose to a new year-to-date high of about $400 billion. The price of Bitcoin (BTC) surged towards the $14k mark before it started correcting lower. XRP is also one of the top gainers. The price of XRP surged higher and tested a new yearly high. XRP USD price was heading towards the 55 cents mark, after breaking the short-term XRP price prediction 2019 of 50 cents, before the bears showed up. At the press time, the digital currency is supported at the 40 cents mark.

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The recent correction has wiped about $70 billion off the valuation of the crypto market. Bitcoin (BTC), which was trading close to the $14k level is now slightly over the $11k level after plunging to the low of $10,500 yesterday. However, XRP has more course to recover in the short-term as there is a bullish XRP news to trigger the next XRP price rally.

XRP-Powered xRapid Goes Live with SendFriend – How Far Will the Price of XRP Go? XRP Price Prediction 2019

Amidst the correction and confusion that emanated from the broad-based sell-off, there is a bullish XRP news that might send the digital currency in the opposite direction of the current waves in the market. According to a recent announcement, SendFriend – Ripple’s partner – announced the launch of the much anticipated XRP-powered xRapid payment system. With this product, users can now carry out cross-border payments that are much faster, cheaper, simpler, and secure.

The service is currently live in Jersey. It will enable Filipino workers to send money back to their family and loved ones in their home country. This means SendFriend will be gaining from the $11 billion annually money transfer business. As the adoption and use of xRapid increases, it would result in an increase in demand for XRP (XRP). XRP is the currency that runs the payment protocol – xRapid. This would significantly boost the price of XRP. However, the effect of this XRP news is not reflecting on the price of XRP at the moment. XRP USD price is deep in the red, but it is not the only digital currency in this situation. The entire market is down, with some coins losing as much as 20 percent of the gains they amassed in the last crypto bull run.

XRP Price Analysis – XRP Price Prediction 2019 – XRP USD Live Price – XRP Price Forecast – XRP News Today

The price of XRP broke over the stubborn 50 cents level twice this week. First, the digital currency surged to the high of $0.5159 and it later surged over a high of $0.53 to form a new yearly high. The price of XRP started plunging after it tested its new YTD high. XRP USD price is currently supported at the 40 cents mark. At the press time, the immediate hurdle of the digital currency is at the 42 cents mark. XRP USD live price is $0.4088 after a decrease of about six percent over the past twenty-four hours. With this bullish XRP news today, the price of XRP might find its way back to the 50 cents mark in the next couple of days.

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