Another Win For Stellar Lumens As LAPO Blockchain Announced its Integration With the Stellar Network

According to reports, LAPO Blockchain will be integrating with the Stellar Blockchain. The team behind LAPO revealed that after carrying out intensive research, and training, as well as learning, they have decided to integrate Stellar into LAPO’s Blockchain platform. Per the report, it is clear that the first step of LAPO’s integration with Stellar will consist of setting up a representation of the LAPO token into the Stellar Blockchain. But why did LAPO choose Stellar to integrate with?

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Why Did LAPO Choose the Stellar Network?

According to the press release by Lapo Blockchain, LAPO and Stellar share a singular objective and are both working toward achieving a common goal which is global financial inclusion for both networks.

The CEO of Stellar said:

We can not do it alone. A network by its nature requires a greater number of participants to create the necessary links and connections required to complete the job.”

The company representative of both platforms confirmed that the two entities envision a future where funds or money will be universally accessible and even instantly exchangeable with no hassle. Stellar remains one of the most important Blockchain platforms that has successfully emerged as a go-to platform for the tackling of various problems within the financial processing sector.

The new protocol is intended to assist with remittances, particularly in developing economies. It will achieve this goal by providing a worldwide network that will have the capacity to host thousands of exchanges between tokens and currencies per second. It is no secret that Stellar offers the least amount when it comes to transactions fees. Stellar also offers the fastest transaction time. It is simple to use and effective for smart contracts. Hence, this is why it will only make it the best option for LAPO achieve its goal.

What Does the Stellar Integration Mean for LAX Holders?

Off course there will be a number of benefits for LAX users due to the integration with Stellar. Firstly, the Stellar integration will give LAX holders the option to convert their LAXs tokens into Stellar LAXs. This means that LAX holders will have the ability to transfer their native tokens from LAPO’s Blockchain to Stellar’s Blockchain.

Both entities have announced that, in the coming days, they will be releasing a step-by-step process or guide that explains how to convert your LAXs to Stellar LAXs easily. The merger has also played down any reports of panic or growing concerns among the LAX holders. They said the LAPO Blockchain is very much alive and active. So users can continue stacking or running their masternodes as they’ve been doing.

When Can LAPO Users Start to Trade Their Coins?

According to the report, LAX holders will be able to trade sooner than anticipated. Having your token on the Stellar network will allow you (that is LAX holders) to trade it immediately. They will be able to do this by using the platform’s distributed exchange functionality. In order for users to take full advantage of the functionality on Stellar, it is recommended that they start using

“We have entered the final phase and we are hoping to complete the swapping mechanism which will give our users the option to swap their LAX tokens as from either mid or late July 2019”.

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