VeChain Price Prediction 2019: VeChain Records 19% Gain In June, How High Can Vet Go?

Trade today began on a bad note as only Litecoin and a few others were in the green zone. Off course Bitcoin is included after it recovered from the sharp drop in the last few days. One of the tokens that became green today is VeChain. VeChain price has had an inconsistent last 30 days. Volatility has been in play in the month of June.

VeChain price may have lagged behind, but it is now catching up. The digital asset has now come at par with other altcoins in the green and BTC. It appears that there’s no looking back for the coin. VeChain has recently closed a new deal with Walmart China. In line with VeChainThor’s 1st anniversary. Sunny Lu, the firm’s founder, is now prepping for an engaging meeting with the crypto enthusiasts. These efforts combined with other initiatives will help push exponential growth for the asset class.

VeChain (VET) Price Today – VET / USD


VeChain Price Prediction 2019: VeChain Price Became Bullish at the Last Week of the Month

VeChain reportedly spent the past 30 days in sluggish trends. It was trading at $0.0075 most of the time. The coin only found its footing in the final week of June when it started surging higher. It even traded briefly at $0.010. The current price action in the market portrays a good picture for the future of VET. The VET coin has might still have some fight left after it turned bullish days ago.

The VET token has reportedly recorded an upward movement of about 19% after it succeeded in rising from $0.0073 to $0.0087 as of 30 June.

VeChain Price Prediction 2019: VeChain Trading at $0.0087 at Press Time

According to data given by coin market cap, the price of VeChain is trading at $0.0087 as of press time.

The coin also has a market capitalization of $483,479,970- and 24-hour trade volume of $76,165,375 with a circulating supply of 55,454,734,800 VET. VeChain also has an ROI of – 42.41% at press time.

VeChain has managed to revive its position and trade above the $0.0085 mark after one day of slow trends. The coin’s price may pick up the pace soon to maintain consistency trading above $0.0090.

VeChain Price Prediction 2019

VeChain has actually been a strong crypto so far. The coin has established a very strong presence in the crypto space ranking through strategic collaborations, deals, and technological upgrades. The price of the coin may cross eventually $0.0099 mark sooner than anticipated and trade at the $0.015 point by year-end. It’s now two years down the line, and the price of VET might actually trade between the $10 and $100 levels.

The VeChain digital asset is still a good investment option for investors in the current situation. It is recommended that bulk investment in VET will yield good returns when it comes to long term prospects. VeChain is closing the month at a good position. It is ending trade above $0.0085 which paves the way for more growth trends. The VET token might eventually trade above the $0.0099 price position soon enough and stay afloat at its current value.


Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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