Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Talks About Global Adoption Of Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Maximalism And Internet Trolls In Interview

Cardano News Today – Founding leaders in the cryptocurrency space often have a strong interest in the promotion of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as a whole and not just on promoting the major tokens of interest. The founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, is one of the major contributors to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space who is always willing to offer his opinion about everything and not just cryptocurrencies. Recently, during an interview with Cryptoglobe, Hoskinson talked about Bitcoin maximalism, internet trolls and global adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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During the interview, he was asked about why he initially developed interest in cryptocurrencies. In reply, he said that he stumbled upon blockchain and cryptocurrencies many years ago and he developed an interest in the technology because he came to saw that it was more than just a philosophy and was something that had the potential to change the world. In his words;

“[By 2013 it] became clear that this wasn’t just a philosophical discussion about how do we rewrite the DNA of the world commercial system and our identity systems that are all these other systems. It was now actually an industry if you wanted [you could] quit your job and go to work full time and start businesses and try to be on the front line of rewriting these types of things. So that’s exactly what I did. It had really sexy interdisciplinary problems. I mean, it’s very rare that you get to talk about distributed systems and programming language theory, but at the same time game theory and economics and monetary policy, and you get to be an armchair lawyer, talk about regulation, and KYC, and AML. So I said, ‘Wow, this is really cool all-you-can-eat buffet of intellectual challenges’”

It is important to note that Hoskinson didn’t become a blockchain founder overnight. He started building his career in the space by offering blockchain related Udemy courses to interested people. Gradually, he started building his network until he became friends with some of the biggest influencers of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. When asked about Bitcoin maximalism, he said that he is concerned about the attitude of some members of the Bitcoin community who believe that any cryptocurrency that isn’t Bitcoin isn’t worth their time. In his words;

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“Maximalism started from that perspective of people weren’t innovating, they weren’t bringing new ideas to the table, they were basically just rehashing old things. And they were relaunching it because they missed getting in on Bitcoin early. Then what happened was that very subtle changes started occurring, where people started exploring completely new cryptography, completely new consensus algorithms, completely new philosophies.”

When asked about internet trolling, an act that is common in the cryptocurrency community, he said;

“The problem with cryptocurrency culture is you’re taking the internet troll culture, the 4chan culture, and you’re mixing that in with fanboys that are almost like soccer hooligans, and then you’re taking the cult of personality, so it becomes less about the philosophy of ‘Where do we want to take the world?’ and ‘What problems do we want to solve? I have received enormous personal criticism from people. If you go to cryptocurrency Reddit and start a thread, you will probably get to 300 comments that are negative about me; everything from a sociopath to I’m a scammer. I’m a monster. I mean, I’m running around Africa dealing with some of the poorest people in the world giving away most of my products for free. But apparently, I’m right next to Satan and Hitler, and I’m a huge scammer, and so forth.”

Finally, he talked about the potential for Cardano to change to world noting that he is focused on promoting global adoption for Cardano. In his words;

“There’s almost no cryptocurrency adoption right now. But [Pan Africa and Asia is] probably the place where we’re going to see the highest cryptocurrency adoption by demographic in the next 10 years. And currently, there’s no competitor, we have a monopoly – we can walk in, and we can take that entire market. And we have ways of getting mass adoption.”

What do you think about Hoskinson’s opinion on Bitcoin maximalism, internet trolling and global adoption of blockchain technology?


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