Charlie Lee Is Working On a Project That Could Significantly Boost Litecoin (LTC) Adoption

Litecoin is currently one of the hottest crypto projects in the digital currency industry at the moment. There are lots of developments and bullish Litecoin news around the project. The most talked about development around the project is the forthcoming Litecoin halving. Litecoin halving date is drawing close and the digital currency has been responding positively to the bullish sentiments around the Litecoin halving event. The Litecoin halving date is less than two months away and many digital asset investors are expecting the price of Litecoin to surge by at least 400% during the halving month.

While the Litecoin halving is one bullish factor that is greatly contributing to the massive surge in LTC price, the CEO of the project is also doing his own part. Charlie Lee – the CEO of Litecoin (LTC) – has been so much effort to boost the adoption as well the relevance of the crypto project.

Charlie Lee Is Working with Spalding to Further Boost the Adoption of Litecoin – Litecoin Price Prediction – LTC USD Live Price

According to a recent announcement, the CEO of Litecoin is up to something that could significantly boost the adoption of Litecoin (LTC) in the short-term. Lee recently had a meeting with Tyler Spalding – the CEO and co-founder of Flexa. After the meeting, Lee said that he is working with the CEO on a project that could significantly enhance the adoption of Litecoin (LTC). The digital currency community has been wondering what this project could be.

Lee disclosed this suspense-filled, bullish Litecoin news on Twitter. In his tweet, the CEO did not mention anything particular about the project. However, Lee left a clue in a tweet.

“Just had lunch with this guy. Working on something huge for Litecoin adoption. See if you can figure out who this is! #PayWithLitecoin,” he wrote.

It is possible that the partnership has to do with payments to allow the use of Litecoin for payments among merchants. This does not come as a surprise to many as Spalding is the CEO and co-founder of Flexa. Flexa is a new payment-processing platform that was created using digital currencies. Flexa helps to connect merchants and customers by reducing transaction fees, as well as the time it takes to process transactions since digital currency transactions are often faster.

Lee Is More Interested in Bringing More Adoption to Litecoin

A lot of merchants are already accepting payment via Flexa and they have brought thousands if not millions of users closer to digital currencies that the network supports. The fundamental aim of Lee is to bring more adoption to Litecoin. Lee is more interested in increasing the adoption and use cases of Litecoin (LTC). If the partnership between Litecoin and Flexa works out, Litecoin is going to be exposed to millions of users across the globe. An increase in the adoption and use cases of Litecoin will result in a significant increase in the price of the digital currency. With a potential increase in adoption and the forthcoming Litecoin halving, Litecoin price is going to head to the moon.

Litecoin (LTC) Price Today – LTC / USD


Litecoin is still holding the fourth position on the list of top digital currencies in the market. The LTC USD live price is $122 after an increase of about 7 percent over the past twenty-four hours. The current market cap of the digital currency is $7.66 billion. The trading volume of the digital currency over the past day is $4.70 billion.

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