Ripple And Western Union To Discuss The Future Of Instant International Settlement Tech In PayExpo London

Ripple News Today – Thanks to the digital era, people can make, spend, and transfer money from one country to another without leaving the comfort of their homes. Immigrants can send money home to their family and friends through an application on their mobile devices. However, people are constantly looking for newer, faster, and cheaper ways to perform cross-border transactions. This is why businesses need to stay at the forefront of Fintech innovations. Among the top Fintech companies that are offering an advanced solution for international settlement is Ripple. Ripple offers a solution that is based, not on traditional tech, but on blockchain technology. Now, the company has an opportunity to co-chair the London PayExpo along with Western Union and some other companies.

Ripple News Today – XRP News Today – Ripple To Co-chair With Western Union At London PayExpo 2019

This October, specifically on the 8th and 9th, the PayExpo summit will be hosted for the 8th time in London. Since PayExpo is the largest payment summit in the United Kingdom, it will give Ripple the perfect opportunity to pitch in the importance of its cross-border technology to a wide audience of respectable members of the financial sector. The goal of the event is to discuss innovative ways to make the cross-border remittance sector safer, cheaper, more secure, and less complex. The event is free of charge so any retailer, small business owner, or anyone at all who is interested in learning about the trending international remittance sector is welcome to listen to the 40+ hour content delivery which will be broken down into several sessions.

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Ripple isn’t just going to be attending, the Silicon Valley tech company will send a representative who will share its opinions with the attendees. Western Union officials will also be privileged to speak during the event along with more than 100 other industry leaders who will discuss the challenges that currently plague the industry along with the possible solutions that can tackle these challenges. Ripple will be represented by Jeremy Light, its Vice President of Strategic Accounts. Chris Fletcher, the Chief of Digital and Channel Partnership at Western Union will represent the company.

Ripple News Today – XRP News Today – Ripple And Western Union Look For Ways To Work Together

In our previous Ripple news, we noted that Western Union, one of the oldest companies in the cross-border remittance sector, was looking for ways to leverage Ripple’s blockchain and the XRP token to improve its services. If Western Union finally decides to use Ripple’s technology, this will contribute immensely to the massive adoption or Ripple and the XRP token.

You’ll recall that Ripple recently bought a 10% stake another remittance company, MoneyGram. The purpose of this purchase was to propel the company to use its XRP token and its xRapid protocol for cross-border remittance. Shortly after the announcement, MoneyGram’s stock increased by more than 170% and the price of XRP also surged briefly.

Ripple’s target has always been institutions and not retail users. The more institutions use Ripple’s tech, the more popular it will become and the closer the company will be in its quest to reinvent the traditional Fintech sector. Hopefully, the PayExpo conference will present a perfect opportunity for Ripple to convince more institutions to use its technology.

What do you think about the Ripple news today? Will participating in the PayExpo event promote a surge in the adoption of Ripple’s technology? Share your thoughts about the XRP news on the comment section below.

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