Top Three Cryptos To Watch in July


As the month of June passed away we discovered two key points. One was that it was a relatively friendly month for cryptos and it was filled with high rates of volatility. Several digital assets if not all of the top 20 stayed green for extended periods of time. Although, its overall upward movements was led by market top dog, Bitcoin.

It got to a point where Bitcoin price surpassed the $13,000 position although it later dropped due to the volatile b nature of the market. Note that the price action of Bitcoin usually dictates the way the rest of the crypto market will perform. Aside from Bitcoin, there are several other digital assets to watch in this month of July. We have decided to highlight three of these coin’s including

Litecoin’s Halving Event is a Factor That Places it as a Good Investment Option

Litecoin is currently the number four large digital asset by market capitalization. Its market cap stood at $7.6 billion at press time. Looking forward to the August halving event, Litecoin price has been showing a positive movement, which may make it an asset class to watch this month.

The bullish action for the coin began at the beginning of the year with the asset class making the list of cryptos worth investing in. The LTC halving event will be a landmark moment for the network as its block reward, and overall market supply will be split in half.

In June, Litecoin price managed to reach $142 less than 30 days to the halving. This places Litecoin as one of the exciting projects to watch out in July.

Binance Coin Has Gained 400% Since the Start of This Year

Since joining the market back in 2017, Binance Coin has been an exciting cryptocurrency to watch out for. BNB is the native cryptocurrency for Binance, a leading trading platform.  Since the year began, BNB has managed to increase by about 400%. BNB is a good coin to watch out for as we have seen constant developments coming from both Binance and the Binance Chain.

Additionally, there are also Initial Exchange Offerings on Binance exchange. This development is likely going to propel the price of BNB to new heights this July. It is important to note that, Binance exchange is doing quarterly burns of its BNB coin. This is done to reduce the asset’s circulating supply.

This development automatically means that the price of Binance Coin will appreciate further this July.

Monero Offers Anonymity and May be One of the Best Privacy Coin’s Out There

Monero offers anonymity. The asset class ensures the details of all transactions, including that of the sender, receiver, and transaction size, are recorded are untraceable despite being recorded on a public ledger. This means the connecting dots between sender and receiver can’t be linked if you choose to use Monero.

Despite the popularity of Monero as well as its liquidity, XMR less difficult to securely store than coins like BTC. More corporations are expected to look toward Monero’s network to manage their transactions.

This development could impact XMR price, which enjoyed a good month this past June. As of press time, XMR was the number 14 largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Its market capitalization stands at $1.5 billion. The price of Monero was $90.43 at press time.

Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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