Vechain (VET) Just Achieved A Notable Milestone That Could Significantly Boost Its Adoption and Price

The digital currency industry is highly competitive and the competition is increasing every day. Almost all coins in the market struggling to remain relevant in the industry and attract more use cases and adoption for themselves. Vechain is one crypto project that is been working very hard to prove its relevance and usefulness in the crypto industry. Vechain (VET) is the 29th largest digital currency in the world by market cap. Vechain (VET) has also showcased itself as a great investment option over the past years. Many digital asset investors are in the crypto market today because of Vechain and they still consider as one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019.

Vechain Recently Achieved A Milestone of One Million Daily Data Clauses – Vechain News Today – Cryptocurrency News Today

Vechain just attained a major milestone that could enormously boost its price. Vechain (VET) is a digital currency which came onboard in June last year. The digital currency experienced its all-time high in September last year and the all-time of the digital currency was seen in December last year. The team behind the project has been working hard to expand the project as well as its market volume in order to remain relevant in the market and outperform other digital currencies in the market. As a blockchain ecosystem, Vechain (VET) focuses on enterprise and the project has not relented in living up to its community’s expectation.

Vechain aims to enhance supply chain management by acting as an intermediary between the physical world and blockchain technology. This unique functionality of the project has set apart from other crypto projects. It has also contributed enormously to growth in the price of Vechain. The blockchain of Vechain is also a home for industry giants and manufacturers such as Walmart. Through the identification system of VeChainThor, these top companies have the opportunity to assign their products with unique and proper identification. Consumers can use this identification to track the movement and ownership of products. This has significantly enhanced the trustworthiness of Vechain’s services and it has also boosted the price of Vechain (VET).

According to a tweet by a Vechain enthusiast, the Mainnet of Vechain just achieved a major milestone that shows its consistent daily successes. The tweet revealed that the blockchain of Vechain just recorded one million data clauses a day, with products that are leveraging the utilities on its blockchain.

Vechain Price Analysis – Vechain Price Forecast – Vechain News Today – VET USD Live Price – Cryptocurrency News Update

Vechain (VET) is one of the best performing digital currencies over the past week. The digital currency market has been stagnant over the past few days. However, over the past day, all the top digital currencies in the market deep in the red. The price of Bitcoin (BTC) is down by more than 7 percent over the past twenty-four hours. The price of Vechain (VET) is also down over the past day.

At the press time, Vechain (VET) USD live price is $0.00726 after a decrease of about 6 percent over the past twenty-four hours. The digital currency is currently supported at the $0.0070 mark. On the upside, the immediate resistance of the coin is the $0.0075 mark. Vechain (VET) has the potential to skyrocket in the mid and long-term, and it might test a new all-time high before the end of this year.

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