XRP May Have Recovered Yesterday But It Is Still Down By 7% Over The Last 7 Days, What Happened To XRP?

Ripple joins Blockchain Capital VC Fund with XRP investment worth $25 million price

Ripple News Today – XRP may be among the top five cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap but it hasn’t been progressing at the same pace as it’s fellow leaders in the space. In our XRP news yesterday, we talked about how the price of XRP was stuck in a descending trendline as one of the worst performing cryptocurrencies among the top 10. Yesterday, the price of XRP spiked after American express mentioned the token in a blog. However, over the last seven days, XRP is still down by over 7%. What’s next for XRP? What will this week hold?

XRP News Today – XRP Price Prediction 2019 – XRP Prediction 2019 – Ripple Latest Update

Over the last 90 days, Bitcoin has recorded massive gains along with some other tokens. Even if there have been periods of decline, the overall picture is bullish. XRP, however, is only up by 6% over the last 90 days and up by 8% YTD. It is still down by over 90% From its all-time high. Over the last seven days, the price of XRP is down by over 7%. Yesterday, the cryptocurrency recorded upward gains toward the end of trading. The spike took it above the $0.40 level again. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a sustainable jump. It was fueled by FOMO after American Express mentioned XRP in its blog as one of the International payment methods that is being used by banks across the globe. The post was as follows;

“If institutions choose, they can also use $XRP in payment flows to improve liquidity in cross-border payments. Six major payment providers are already piloting. Eleven of the world’s top 100 banks have joined Ripple’s network”https://www.americanexpress.com/us/foreign-exchange/articles/cross-border-payments-progress/.”

While the post wasn’t an official endorsement of XRP, it made a valid point. Ripple’s tech is excellent for cross-border payments and it increases liquidity. It’s also important to note that 2 days ago, Falcon Private Bank, based in Switzerland, started providing custody for XRP and Stellar. XRP is now in the ranks of ETH, BTC, BCH and LTC which are all available in the bank.

Ripple News Today – XRP Price Prediction – XRP News Today – Current Price Of XRP

Ripple has been successful with more and more banks joining RippleNet and with Ripple’s arm, Xpring, funding over 20 startups with about $500 million within just one year. Still, the price of XRP is underperforming. Even if Ripple is the company that created the XRP token, it has tried hard to stand as a separate entity from the token. Still, good news for Ripple is supposed to have an influence on the price action of XRP. So, it’s strange that XRP continues underperforming the market.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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At the time of writing, the price of XRP was $0.394794. This means that it is up by 2.76% against the USD and up by 4.64% against the price of BTC. This means that the trading volume over a 24 hour period $1,611,980,021 and the market capitalization is $16,805,015,905. In the beginning of the year, our XRP price prediction 2019 placed the price of XRP as high as $1 by the end of the year. However, the token has failed to move and stay above the $0.50 level.

What do you think about the XRP price prediction 2019 in our XRP news today? Is $1 still possible? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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