Cardano (ADA) May Rise Above $0.1000 By The Close Of This Week’s Trading Session, Will Cardano Move This High?

Cardano News Today – Cardano’s ADA may close this week trading at a higher price of up to $0.100. Expectations are high as the cryptocurrency finally picks up the pace to trade above $0.080. The coin which has been moving slowly in the past week experienced a little price gain and now trades at above $0.080. Presently, the coin is trading above its yesterday’s high and is expected to hit $0.090 in the next 2 days. The current market performance of ADA shows rising trends which depicts that the coin may end this week on a better note.

Cardano Price Analysis – Cardano Latest Update – Cardano News Today – How Has Cardano Faired Recently?

Cardano’s ADA coin is experiencing a surge. The cryptocurrency traded at $0.082 as at 09:54:32 UTC on July 8, 2019. However, ADA has plunged to 1.2% in the last 5 days. The downtrend caused a reduction of its value from $0.083 to the current price.

The coin continuously dropped in the first 2 days before dipping to as low as $0.075 on July 7. However, the lowest recorded value was $0.07628. Then it started rising, hit $0.080 and is currently at $0.082. The coin may close at a better price today, July 9 as it has passed its yesterday’s highest value of $0.080. Besides, it has already made good progress today.

Cardano/USD pair may rise to $0.100 in the following days and may surpass its 90-day high value of $0.10 in the next few weeks. The partnerships and alliances with Cardano in the first half of the year are expected to start yielding benefits. Consequently, ADA may rapidly grow from now onwards and may reach up to $0.3 by the end of the year.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


Cardano took some measures at the beginning of the year to ensure the growth of ADA coin. The seed sown in the first half of the year may begin to bear fruits. Besides its alliance with global market leaders, ADA’s presence in newer markets has expanded.

Cardano Price Analysis – Cardano Price Prediction 2019 – ADA News Today – Opportunity to Invest in ADA

Considering the current continuous price gain of Cardano’s ADA, this is an ideal time to invest in the coin. A bulk investment in the cryptocurrency now will give long-term returns. Besides, Cardano partnered with Ellipal Hardware to provide secure mobile wallet. This support will benefit currency holders that have ADA coins on their mobile wallets.

It will also make the digital currency accessible to many crypto enthusiasts. With many users shifting attention to ADA, the coin may hit $0.3-$0.5 by this year’s end. Besides, the wallet will help secure the coins and prevent their loss or theft. The creation of a mobile is a great move from Cardano. It will allow cryptocurrency users to trade ADA fearlessly amidst the increasing fraudulent activities in the cryptosphere.

With the progressive picture of ADA depicted by the current market statistics, new crypto investors and traders will surely need the mobile wallet.

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