TRON Launches ‘BitTorrent Speed’ with Native Token Functionality

According to reports, the Tron network has announced the launch of its new download optimization software. The new product from the Tron Blockchain is called BitTorrent Speed. Per the announcement via the original report, it is clear that users of the BitTorrent Speed product will be eligible to receive rewards in BitTorrent Tokens in exchange for bandwidth and seeding.

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Tron Announced BitTorrent Speed on July 8

According to the report, Tron revealed its new product yesterday, July 8 via a press release. Tron revealed that their download’s optimization software is a new software that will be integrated with the BitTorrent client. The users of the new product will be downloading the most recent version of the network’s uTorrent client for Windows.

As Tron claim’s the users of its latest protocol will be rewarded with the BTT token for bandwidth and seeding downloads. The network also announced that it has launched a new integrated wallet feature in the BitTorrent Speed software. Hence, users can have the capacity to manage their funds easily. It is import to indicate that at the moment, the new feature is available for only Windows OS users.

The BitTorrent and uTorrent Protocols Both Account for the Largest Decentralized P2P Network

According to the press release goes, BitTorrent and uTorrent both account for the biggest decentralized peer-to-peer network on a global scale. They claim to have no less than 100 million+ active users plus installations across 1 billion devices.

It should be recalled from an earlier report from July 8, that the anticipation of the recent announcement helped boost Tron’s price and the price of BitTorrent by nearly 10%. The trade volume for both crypto’s saw a significant rise. Take an example, the daily trade volume of TRX increased from to $863 million from $530 million. BTT, on the other hand, saw a significant surge in its daily trade volume as it increased to $100 million from $40 million.

However, it isn’t only about new achievements for the Tron network. Recent reports show that dozens of protestors raided Tron’s Beijing office. Law enforcement officials were involved as they trooped in to defend the office against vandalism.

Protestors claimed they were scammed by Tron. They claim to have lost $145 million. Protestors stormed Tron’s Beijing office shouting “Tron is a scam.” It appears protesters were scammed by the “Wave Field Super Community” a scam group renowned for heists in the region.

Fraudsters Used Tron’s Chinese Language Version to Achieve Their Goals

The criminals used the Chinese version of Tron, to defraud potential investors after promising huge returns. The affected individuals claimed they thought they were investing in Tron, BitTorrent, and uTorrent. In response, Tron quickly explained that they had nothing to do with the incident. Via a blog post-Tron said:

“The victims were promised high return rates on their investments in Tron’s name, as well as that of BitTorrent and uTorrent.”

Moreover, it appears protestors went to the wrong office. According to Tron, the scammed investors were protesting in an office belonging to Raybo Technologies, an affiliate of the Tron foundation. Tron added that:

TRON officials have expressed their sympathy for those who have been deceived. However, we at Tron strongly condemn any acts of violence perpetrated by protesters as a result of events that were out of Tron’s control.”

Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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