Bitcoin Targets $500K Beyond 2021 According To Latest Bitcoin Price Predictions By Top Cryptocurrency Analysts

While most banks and financial institutions cower in fear of recession and inflation, Bitcoin stands tall as the value for BTC rises. From a drop of $4,000 about two weeks back to its present price value of $13,000, Bitcoin has many reasons to smile. Crypto analysts and financial researches have made Bitcoin price predictions that shows Bitcoin BTC soaring to the $30,000 mark. While it seems an impossible fit, the rising trend of Bitcoin price value may make this not just wishful thinking. The stable nature of the BTC, even in the face of the financial storm that has made other cryptocurrencies wobble seems to attract more investors.

During an interview with cryptoanalysts and financial gurus, from our Bitcoin news today and Bitcoin price prediction, the $100,000 mark was a feasible target for the price of Bitcoin BTC by 2021. This Bitcoin price prediction came about from studying the patterns that have occurred previously. With the halving event coming up in 2020, analysts believe that the event will further push the price of BTC until it gets to $100,000 for Bitcoin BTC. Crypto analysts believe that the present fiscal policy being implemented by developed countries could aid in Bitcoin’s hope of achieving what naysayers deem impossible.

Bitcoin News Today – Bitcoin Price Prediction – Bitcoin Latest Update – Going Where No Other Cryptocurrency Has Gone

Bitcoin News Today learned that Morgan Creek founder, in an interview with Bloxlive TV hinted that Bitcoin price could well ascend beyond the $100,000 level formerly predicted for it. While this may seem even more fantastic than usual, the Morgan Creek founder based his assumption on the hope that Bitcoin would become more valuable than gold.

With the rise in awareness of cryptocurrency and the surge in investments by financial institutions, that Bitcoin price prediction may not be so absurd. The Morgan Creek founder believes that the value of gold will depreciate as more people divert to digital currency in the near future. He also postulated that since digital currency and Bitcoin, in particular, is easy to transact and transport than gold, it made sense that digital currency would likely replace gold.

Most crypto analysts believe that the government of some countries would inevitably help boost the reliance on digital currency and Bitcoin as well. This would happen due to the implementation of policies that would see the value of tradition currency dwindle. People would have no reason than to flock to digital currency to maintain economic relevance.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

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Past records show a pattern that anytime Bitcoin BTC rises beyond the $10,000 mark, it continues to soar and pass the $20,000 level. If this trend is to be believed, then the present $13,000 mark that Bitcoin BTC currently holds will only be a stepping stone to higher heights. It would mean that Bitcoin would be able to go the distance as believed by cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

As there are a fixed number of Bitcoin in the market, 21 million Bitcoin token, financial researchers believe that this will drive up the price of Bitcoin BTC. To further drive the demand up, some of Bitcoin tokens are lost and can never be mined. This means that a scarcity of Bitcoin tokens is inevitable.


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