Stellar Price Continues Its Upward Trend, How High Can XLM Go?

After going for two consecutive days trading in slow trends, price of Stellar Lumens has now staged a comeback after it bounced back upwards to trade at the price $0.098 position. The digital asset has given traders a good reason to celebrate. There are many positives to watch out for in Stellar.

The current market performance of Stellar Lumens shows a progressive movement. It is highly likely that there’s an uptrend ahead. For today’s trading, the price of Stellar Lumens moved up after bouncing back from yesterday’s $0.087 low point.

XLM Price Prediction: The Price of Stellar Opened the Day Positively

Stellar price began this year trading above the $0.1150 position and rose up to the $0.1327 area in April before it began to fall steeply. By May 15, the XLM coin eventually took a step upward. It maintained this trend rising from the previous position at $0.08888 to reach as high as the $0.144543 position. After this, the coin continued trading between the $0.144543 area and the $0.129525 position until the middle part of June.

Since the start of July, the price of the coin has mostly shown continuous downward action until today when the tide turned and it started to rise up again. All in all the price of the Stellar coin has reportedly shown a downtrend of about 14% after it dropped from the $0.11509 level to its current position at $0.09822 as of July 13, 2019.

Stellar Price Trading at $0.098 as of Press Time

Stellar price reportedly closed trading on July 12 at the $0.09796 position. The highest recorded price for the coin as of yesterday was at the $0.100108 position. The price of Stellar is expected to crossover its highest point from yesterday today. According to data from Coin market cap, the price of XLM was seen trading at $0.098 against the USD and 0.00000766 BTC against Bitcoin.

Coin market cap lists the total market capitalization of Stellar at $1,941,532,359 with 24 hour trading volume of $356,464,204. Stellar also had a circulating supply of 19,426,240,484 XLM and return on investment of 3,177.26%.

Stellar Price Prediction 2019

The price of XLM has finally begun surging upwards. It is possible that it will rise up to the $0.144 area once again in the coming weeks. If the price of the digital assets succeeds in maintaining its current momentum and sustains its action at least until the end of this month, it might close at around the $0.150 area or more if possible. XLM to USD price is also likely to rise up to the $0.2 area by the end of this year if all factors stay the same.

It is understood that the long term outlook for Stellar is bullish. Hence, it is recommended that investors and traders seize the opportunity because the coming weeks and months will be crucial for Stellar. So it is safe to say that this is the ideal time to invest in the XLM token. Buying and holding XLM in bulk at the current levels is ideal if investors desire maximum gains as prices might shoot up soon enough.

Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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