Cardano Price Surges to $0.070 in One Day As VeChain Continues Trading with Selling Pressure

Cardano is arguably one of the very consistent digital assets in the crypto space. The coin also offers a sustainable future for investors who are looking to invest in it. The Cardano network has initiated important partnerships in the past 6 months.

This has positively impacted the price of the ADA token. Now, it is understood that the ADA price may continue moving up in the remaining months of this year. It is safe to say the coin’s current market performance restores investor faith in the success of ADA.

Cardano Price Prediction: How ADA Price Performed

The price of Cardano may rise to the $0.100 level by the end of this month. If all favorable factors remain in play, the coin’s price may cross the $0.106 level, which will is Cardano’s 90-day high point. This may happen before the end of the next month. Cardano price may start surging at quick after it crossed the $0.110 mark. Then by year-end, the price of ADA may trade between the $0.3 to $0.5 areas.

Of course, this has been a very good day for the Cardano coin. It is now looking likely that the coin is heading in the right direction and it may end trading for today on a better note when compared to yesterday’s performance.

Yesterday, he coin’s price closed at the $0.069 support position. It appears that this may be a good time for traders and investors to invest in the ADA token. The idea is to buy and hold in bulk for the short-term and long-term investors who want maximum returns.

Vechain Price Prediction: VeChain Price Still Trading with Selling Pressure

VeChain price began trading today in positive light amidst high selling pressure. The coin’s price journey has been remarkable in the last few days. Its closing price from yesterday was at $0.00602 because it had lost its position above the $0.007 area days ago. Today, VET price managed to touch above $0.007. Although it pulled back to $0.006 again.

The VET coin is currently ranked number 30 among the top crypto in the market by market capitalization. Much like Cardano, it has had several notable partnerships including one barely a few weeks ago with Walmart, China. For the partnership with the retail giant, VeChain offers the required infrastructure to track goods in the supply chain of Walmart.

How VET Price Performed

In a 4 hour time period, the price of VET initially traded within a bullish zone. At the time the coin’s price was above the $0.00655 area. As of press time at precisely 10:07 UTC, the price of VET took a sharp fall to trade at $0.00647. It continued until it ended up correcting at $0.00661.

The price of coin further saw another drop to trade at $0.00641 which amounted to a decrease of 3.64%. Per data taken from the daily chart for VET/USD, since that time to date then the price of ADA has been bearish. It has moved downwards.

VET’s current price at press time stands at 14.03% which is lower than what its 30-day SMA showed. The bearish pressure has caused the price of VET to trade in the higher sell area.

Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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