Stellar(XLM) Commences Recovery as Dogecoin (DOGE) Shocks Traders with Its Intraday Momentum

As trading opened today, it was observed that the crypto market started experiencing a recovery.  The Stellar token is reflecting a bullish trend since the day began. The coin eventually opened with a slight drop in price, but it recovered soon enough.

In the coming few hours, we can hope to see a healthy change in XLM price via the charts. In the past few days, the price action of Stellar Lumens has been different. This has impressed traders and investors.

Yesterday, the Stellar coin recorded a 24 hour trading volume of $284,411,670. Prices went on to touch as high as the $0.099423 position and as low as the $0.091895 area as of 13 July.

How Did Stellar Price Perform?

Yesterday, the price of Stellar opened trading with an upsurge. Prices later shifted from the opening $0.097 to an impressive $0.099 as the day progressed. The escalation reached 2.37%. Stellar couldn’t hold the high point of $0.099. Which is why it fell to $0.092 recording a 7.30% drop on the day. Further, Stellar price dropped to $0.091 from $0.092 making a drop of 1.46%.

By the end of trade, the coin reflected a recovery after closing at $0.094. The intraday regression reached 2.95%. Today, Stellar opened with another upsurge in price. Currently, it has made a0.73% profit. The Stellar price shifted from the $0.094 area to $0.095.

XLM to USD may reach $0.120 by July end. It might end at $0.170. In coming years, Stellar price could deal at $0.200. The price upsurge will benefit both short and long term investments.

Dogecoin Shocks Traders with its Intraday Momentum

Dogecoin surprised everyone by maintaining the momentum it picked up after a heavy price drop. The coin is now bearish. However, we are currently anticipating that the next half of trading for the day will bring a number of positive changes to the status of the coin. DOGE has high prospects when it comes to bringing in a heavy price surge.

When we closely look at yesterday’s numbers, we can see that DOGE recorded a trading volume of $27,243,201. The coin reached a high of $0.003351 and low of $0.003174 as of 13 July.

How Did Dogecoin Price Perform?

Looking at the DOGE/USD chart, DOGE is reflecting a price drop against the USD currently. Today, the price of Dogecoin opened trading with a slight price surge. The counters reportedly switched from $0.00330 to $0.00332. This price escalation was about 0.58%. Later the price of the digital asset tried to keep up this momentum, but in the past few hours, it had already started slipping back.

The encountered here reached 9.37% as prices fell to $0.0030 from $0.0033. Yesterday, the price of the coin opened at the $0.0033 position. Before slipping to $0.0030 recording a drop of 7.62%. There was a late price urge for DOGE. The coin moved over the $0.0030 to $0.0032 recording a growth of 7.71%. Its intraday fall was up to 0.02%. Before it closed at $0.0033.

DOGE is usually affected by Bitcoin’s price action. Bitcoin is predicted to rise for some time. This movement will pull back the market to the bulls. Dogecoin price would be one of the tokens that will reach new highs and probably enter the top 20.

Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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