Cardano ADA Struggles To Hold Support But The Bears Keep Pushing, Is $0.070 Feasible Near-term?

The past two weeks haven’t been good for every coin in the cryptocurrency market as almost every player has suffered a loss in varying degrees. Not left out is Cardano ADA as it also felt the blow. Cardano ADA price dropped by 12% to $0.059. This dip made it the highest 1-day percentage loss it had suffered since earlier this year.

Cardano Price Prediction 2019 – Cardano News Today – ADA Struggles Along With The Rest Of the Market

Cardano stands out from the other coins because of their demand for quality and research. Though 12th on the cryptocurrency market, Cardano ADA competes with the other major players in the number of volumes traded in the cryptocurrency market. Today, Cardano’s value rises from its place as an alternative contracting platform that is verifiable, transparent and scalable to suit different clients.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


ADA price analysis made by experts shows that the market cap of ADA dipped to about $1.5 billion with a 0.55% loss. The 24-hour trade ranged from 0.594 to 0.067. The 24-hour trade volume was $100 million. With this present state, Cardano price analysis shows that ADA is almost 95& down from its all-time high of $1.35, set in the opening month of early last year. ADA news today gathered that there are over 25 billion ADA tokens in circulation in the market. Cardano has more than $30 billion tokens.

Researchers and cryptoanalysts agree that Cardano ADA prices need to rise to the $0.6 mark to guarantee a degree of stability. Cardano price prediction shows that bearish pressure could cause the price to tumble, making it difficult for ADA to maintain its present position. Should ADA fall below the resistance level, it could tumble and spiral downward to its all-time low of $0.02. On the other hand, should Cardano bull through and rise above the resistance level and remain steady, ADA price prediction indicates a confirmation of experts ADA price analysis of 0.09 or surmounting its all-time high of $1.33.

Results show that trading above the $0.09 mark will push Cardano ADA above the resistance level and bring in more traders. This will result in high trading volumes which will also build confidence in the coin. The reverse will only make traders lose confidence and could even further drop the price of the coin.

Cardano News Today – Cardano Price Prediction 2019 – ADA Latest Update – The Long Road Ahead For Cardano ADA

Cardano best selling point is its determination to continue developing projects of high quality. This ideology has made Cardano enter into fruitful partnerships. One such beneficial alliance is with AlgoZ. This partnership is expected to increase the value of Cardano ADA and increase its drive to become one of the major players in the market.

Projected analysis show that the future is bright for Cardano ADA even though it’s passing through a turbulent period. Cardano news today can say that though Cardano ADA may be on its knees the fight is far from over. It can still bounce back and surprise the market. The foundation for its brighter tomorrow is in place. Cardano is a long term investment opportunity that is bound to yield dividend.

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