Stellar Price Prediction: Is Stellar Lumens Finally Out Of The Bearish Market

The price of Stellar Lumens has just started rising. Stellar has actually impressed a vast number of traders despite fears of an impending crypto winter. It should be recalled from an earlier report from July 15, that market experts and traders have expressed concerns that the current state of the crypto market could lead to a crypto winter.

For that market report, coins like Ether, Cardano and Bitcoin were discussed. All the top coins had lost a huge chunk of their value on July 15. Stellar is one of a few tokens that haven’t really been hit hard by the ongoing crisis. When the majority of the coins were losing pace or falling, the price of XLM kept going up although slowly.

The momentum of the Stellar Lumens token is remarkable. Experts agree that the price of the digital assets will soon touch a new weekly high.

How XLM Price Performed Via the Daily Chart

Today, XLM traders are eyeing a bigger digit for Stellar in a bid to recover from the coin’s recent price drop. There is optimism for a future upsurge. Let’ see what the XLM/USD daily chart says.

Yesterday’s price for XLM reflects a price upsurge via the chart. The day’s opening price for the Stellar coin was the $0.08495 area. The coin’s closing price was at the $0.08716 area. The intraday chart for the XLM/USD pair recorded a 2.58% upsurge in price. Yesterday was a power-packed day for the Stellar coin.

There were many heavy movements. The first price drop took place in the early trading hours when the price of Stellar dropped took to the $0.08178 area from $0.08495.

Stellar Has Been on the Rise in Last 24 Hours after Several Slips

The price of Stellar also endured a 6% drop. The coin then made three jumps back to the top. The first upsurge was 5.30%. The price of XLM moved from the $0.08196 area to the $0.08631 point. The second price jump took XLM from the $0.08367 position to the $0.08615 area. This price surge was 2.97%.

The last leap for the price of XLM was 3.72%. This move took the price of Stellar Lumens from $0.08335 to $0.08645. The price of the digital asset opened today with a slight drop. It reportedly slipped from the $0.08716 area to the $0.08554 position. This price regression was 1.85%.

Stellar Price Prediction 2019

The price action of Stellar has pushed it into the list of the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies by market cap. The same thing has attracted many investors to the path of the digital currency. Stellar holds very high potential for the future. Otherwise, the issue of keeping the price upwards in the current market drop (and handling market pressure with bravery won’t be possible).

XLM proponents and experts alike are anticipating that the price of the coin would cross the $0.2 mark by the end of this year. The long-term investment plan for XLM I ideal. Because it will help traders fill their pockets very well with high profits. So now may be a good time to buy and stack up XLM to enjoy maximum profits.

Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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