Here’s Why Stellar Lumens XLM Outperformed The Rest Of The Cryptocurrency Market Yesterday

Stellar stands tall in the midst of the cryptocurrencies. Stellar Lumens or XLM ranks 10th in the cryptocurrency market. This is a move from the previous position of 13th. Stellar was formed to handle financial transaction through a decentralized protocol. It was based on the Ripple XRP code and so handles transactions like XRP. It is fast, cheap and able to handle thousands of transactions quickly and securely.

Stellar Lumens News Today – Stellar Lumens Price Prediction 2019 – Stellar Lumens XLM Outperformes The Market

The price of Stellar XLM has risen at a time when most of the other cryptocurrencies are going through a slump. Stellar XLM growth has been remarkable and there is anticipation that XLM will reach a new all-time high for the year. Presently, traders and investors are hoping for an upsurge in price to make up for the dip it experienced earlier. Stellar XLM is currently priced at $0.085. Its all-time high of $0.94 occurred in January 2018.

Stellar (XLM) Price Today – XLM / USD


Crypto analysts give a Stellar lumens price prediction that sees the XLM going up to $0.351 in a year and an ROI (return on investment) that is five times XLM current value. This is an optimistic view but in light of the upsurge in the present dark financial outlook of cryptocurrency, it is safe to agree with the forecast. It is also believed that Stellar XLM will become more popular, thereby increasing the price value of the coin.

Stellar XLM has seen a lot of activity within the last 2 days. The price of XLM has dipped and risen a couple of times. XLM started by rising from $0.08495 and rose to $0.08716. it took a slight dip to $0.08178 and then jumped to $0.08631. it then climbed again to $0.08615. Stellar XLM has a market cap of $1.68 billion and there are over 19 billion XLM coins in circulation. The 24 hour trading volume rests at $230 million.

Stellar Lumens News Today – Stellar Lumens Price Prediction 2019 – Stellar Lumen Continues To Twinkle And To Shine

One area that Stella shines is in the technology behind its platform. Considered similar to Ripple, Stellar is different as it targets providing banking services for individuals instead of corporate bodies and banks like Ripple does. With partnerships like SatoshiPay and Hashcash, Stellar news today gathered that analysts predict a rise to $0.6 in the price for XLM by the year 2020.

Though Stellar is a relatively young company, it has quickly risen in the cryptocurrency world due to its efficient platform of products, technology and partnerships. Having a contract with one of the leading blockchain industry IBM is an indication of the quality and efficiency of the Stellar platform. Analysts believe that this contract and other such partnerships are certain to make Stellar XLM a major player in the cryptocurrency industry.

Stellar’s position in the cryptocurrency market shows the potential in the company. Its value can only increase as history shows a pattern of very little bearish trend. It has bulled through at a period where the whole industry seems to be at a low. This should give new investors confidence to partner with Stellar. The future looks bright and shiny for Stellar XLM.


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