How XRP Outperformed Other Cryptocurrencies After Weeks Of Underperforming

Though Ripple did not start the year on a positive note, the third performing cryptocurrency in the market now sings a different tune. Amidst the tumble and dipping of other crypto coins, Ripple XRP shines bright. This is a welcomed development for XRP investors and traders. Ripple XRP is currently selling at $0.30. it climbed from $0.29 to its present price over 24 hours. The XRP went further to cross the $0.31 level but dipped slightly to $0.30. It has remained steady at $0.30 despite the bearish pressure on it. Analysts declare a Ripple price prediction of $0.30 with the hope that the XRP will climb to $0.31 which it had briefly reached. This is a breath of fresh air for traders and investors in the cryptocurrency market. The various coins have been taking a beating and XRP’s upward rise has brought hope.

Ripple News Today – XRP Price Prediction – XRP News Today – XRP Outperforms The Market

From Ripple XRP price analysis, the support levels rest at $0.2850 and $0.2800. The resistance levels are $0.3075 and $0.3100. These levels show a bearish trend as the XRP price will have some hurdles to surmount. The RSI level has been between 40 and 60 which show indecision in the part of traders and investors. This means that the XRP could swing either towards being bearish or being bullish. Though there is a bearish outlook, Ripple XRP price prediction indicates that the support levels would most likely be reached if not passed.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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Ripple XRP has a total market cap of $12 billion and over 45 billion XRP tokens in circulation. The 24-hour volume traded stands at more than $1.6 billion and the ROI is 5,016.37%. This is a positive outlook that shows that Ripple XRP remains a good investment. Analysts predict that Ripple XRP may still meet some hurdles on the way, but the XRP can weather the storm. They also see a Ripple XRP price prediction showing a rise to $1.6 in the next year.

Ripple News Today – XRP News Today – XRP Price Prediction 2019 – XRP Prediction 2019 – Many Miles To Go Before XRP Can Go To Sleep

Ripple XRP news today learned that the CEO of Ripple commented on twitter in response to the negative comments made by the US president and the secretary of the treasury. The Ripple CEO stated that the blockchain industry shouldn’t be seen as a haven for illegal transactions and nefarious dealings. He believed that the crypto market was being given a bad name unfairly as he didn’t see how the cryptocurrencies could be a threat to the traditional transaction methods.

Ripple’s real-time settlement system supports fiat currency and cryptocurrency. This means that it can make virtually all sorts of banking and financial transactions on its platform. This has made Ripple highly sourced by financial institutions and banks. Of its core products; xCurrent, xRapids and xVia, xCurrent has been the most popular.

At its core, Ripple XRP is a liquidity tool that acts as a medium of exchange for the instant conversion of any currency, be it traditional currency or cryptocurrency. Ripple’s numerous partnerships with financial institutions like Satandar and leading exchanges like Bitstamp show that the future of this enterprising company is bright.

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