Tron Price Prediction: Tron Is Making A Huge Recovery After Price Correction, How High Can It Go?

According to reports, a section of crypto enthusiasts opted to play down Justin Sun’s previous remarks about Tron. Per a previous report Sun, the founder of the Tron protocol, said the month of July would be a scintillating period for Tron. Sun said the market appears gloomy for the heavily decentralized focused crypto (TRX).

Now, critics are playing down Sun’s bold claims about Tron because we have gone past the middle of the month already and no significant changes have been seen in the decentralized network or its native token.

How Tron Proponents Reacted After Critics Played Down Sun’s Declaration

Nevertheless, Tron’s proponents in the cryptocurrency space reacted to the criticism that Sun’s message has drawn by saying the month of July is yet to end. They are of the view that Tron can still achieve Sun’s claims with the time available (as big events including a Buffet lunch and other endeavors await the network).

As if the Tron network has listening hears, the altcoin started performing very well in the market following these claims by supporters of the coin. Tron price has been maintaining a strong rally in the past 3 days. Although, a section of experts declared that the price of TRX is only resonating with the current situation of the market which was initiated by Bitcoin. Tron has defied the statement of critics by rising up to indicate its potency with a tremendous movement on the upside trend today.

Tron is Making a Huge Recovery after a Dismal Few weeks

Tron is reportedly making a huge recovery after a poor few weeks. The coin’s investors seem to be happy with its performance considering the fact that the harvest period is just around the corner for these ones. Investors are hoping to reap a reasonable sum of profits for their efforts as Tron price surges.

Among the top 35 coins by market capitalization in the current market, Tron is actually the second highest gainer behind Bitcoin SV. Tron saw a beautiful bearing in the digital asset market with an 11.1% increase in value against the USD in the past 24 hours. This took its price to $0.028 as of press time.

Tron has also successfully outrun Bitcoin the king of crypto, by making huge gains against BTC. Tron now trades for 0.00000270 BTC which is 9.27% increase in its value against BTC in the last 24 hours.

Tron also Overtook Stellar Lumens

As if the above mentioned price resurgence wasn’t enough, the price of Tron also made another huge surge in the market. The price of Tron price actually outpaced that of Stellar on the market ranking chart for the largest digital assets by market cap. Tron crypto is now ranked at number 9 among the largest crypto coins per market cap after its latest milestone of surmounting Stellar’s value in the market.

The fractal displayed by Tron which is now number 9 among the largest altcoins by market cap in the market is promising. This remarkable for the coin as it moves nearer and nearer to break the $0.03 resistance level after moving over the $0.28 area in the past few hours.


Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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