Tron Sets New Record In Just 24 Hours With $3+ Million & $100 Million Volume

Tron has recorded a new milestone within a four-month period. The network recorded a $3+ million volume as well as $100 million (approximately 3,390,012,856 TRX) spent on a single Tron Dapp in just 24 hours.

TRON (TRX) Price Today – TRX / USD


Tron Leads the Pack When it Comes to dApps

With the recent moves Tron has made, it is clear that the network is championing the entire decentralized app industry. The recent acquisition of the BitTorrent file-sharing protocol is proof of this as it gives the network an edge over others in the industry.

Tron plans to break all frontiers that seem unachievable to make its mark in the crypto space. It maintained a high momentum as the end came to an end and has the potential to rise even higher. This recent milestone points to this fact.

A week ago, TRX made its way back to the top 10 as Justin Sun, its founder promised. Its upside trend was impressive, and it does not seem like the altcoin will push back as it remains in the bullish trend.

The day started on a good note for the coin as well with an announcement about the blockchain network’s performance in the last 24 hours. Tron performed well in the dApp sector as well as the crypto sector with an amazing transaction volume.

TronScan reports that the daily transaction volume of the blockchain network yesterday reached a four-month high. Yesterday, July 21, Tron network saw a transaction volume of about $3,491,517. This was attributed to the Tron Foundation and Tronics community. Also, the transaction volume for the Tron Network spiked by more than $1.5 million after successfully maintaining the barrier below $2 million.

TronBet Ranked Best Performing dApp

Approximately 3,390,012,856 TRX or $100 million was spent on a Tron dApp in just 24 hours. The dApp sector was led by Ethereum a while ago and it is an important part of the blockchain industry.

Now that Ethereum has been dethroned in the sector, it is clear that Tron has taken the market with its numerous number of dApps.

The top dApp on the Tron network, TronBet, was responsible for overpowering competitors in the blockchain space with an impressive transaction volume. It hit a transaction volume of $100 million in 24 hours which is equivalent to 3,390,012,856 TRX

TronBet, a top dapp on Tron network, yesterday overpowered its competitors in the space with a gigantic transaction volume. This feat gives it the ranking of the best performing dApp in a report by DappReview.

Justin Sun Announces List Of Personalities Joining Him For the Lunch With Warrant Buffet

The $4.5 million lunch with business mogul Warren Buffet is drawing closer. Sun won the lunch in an auction and hopes to convince Buffet about the pros of cryptocurrency and the blockchain. Recently, the CEO of Tron announced the list of CEOs who will be a part of the lunch which is scheduled to hold on July 25.  Analysts debate on whether TRX price would surge on the day of the lunch. The recent market trends show that the coin is bullish and may continue to remain in an upward trend.

Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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