Cardano’s 10% Gain Is Just The Beginning, Higher Highs To Come Before August

Cardano is a platform which was created to serve as a decentralized computer just like Ethereum. Cardano is a multilayered platform which gives the system flexibility in order to be easily maintained and upgraded. This platform harnesses a Proof-of-Stake system which reduces the number of electricity requirements as well as improving its scalability. Cardano has set out goals towards becoming “the internet of blockchains”.

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Cardano latest update – At 16:26 GMT, Cardano was trading at $0.063808 based on the data given by today. It went up by 10.37% — the largest gain since the 15th of May. This increase saw Cardano’s market cap move up to $1.64186 billion, that is 0.56% of the total cryptocurrency market cap. The highest Cardano market cap value was $23.91700 billion. In the past twenty-four hours, Cardano has traded between $0.059341 to $0.063809. The last seven days have seen Cardano drop in value, losing 5.94%. As at the time of writing the volume of Cardano traded at $62.41990 million, trading at a range of $0.0500 to $0.0671 in the past week.

Cardano news today – the increasing engagement between Cardano and AlgoZ has been said to be an answer to automated liquidity that will help open up the liquidity in tokens like ADA, which will allow users to re-acquire credibility. The value of ADA has been on an exponential increase since yesterday. As at 04:49 UTC, yesterday, the coin was trading below the baseline at $0.0575. This dropped by 1.77% at 13:13 UTC. A few hours later, the value rose to 7.50% at 23:17 UTC.

Cardano coin is currently trading at the bearish zone and this is an ideal time to buy ADA currency for gains in the long term. ADA may surprise everyone and escalate with upward momentum. Potential investors are eagerly watching the news on ADA currency. It is expected that Cardano will experience a touchdown of $0.3 to $0.5 by the end of the year. This may yield better returns.

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In other news, Bitcoin was at $10,732.5 on Index, moving up 2.9% today. Ethereum coin traded at $229.98, with a gain of 5.23%. As at the time of writing this, Bitcoin’s market cap was at $189.71852B9, that is, 64.76% of the total cryptocurrency market cap while Ethereum’s market cap was at $24.72325B, that is, 8.44% of the total cryptocurrency market value.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


Cardano is now supported on the Universal Wallet. This feat was achieved after a poll was conducted in the Ethos community on what token their members wanted the most in the Universal Wallet, and Cardano won. Cardano can be added to users SmartWallets – where they can track the coin, view the live chart, and rate the token. They can also leave comments.

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