Australian Meat Sector is Depending on VeChain’s Turnkey Solution to Tackle Supply Chain Issues

The third largest beef exporter in the world is Australia. Brazil and India take the first and second place respectively. Australia has struggled with its supply chain problem for quite some time now. In a bid to find solutions to the problems faced by the beef supply industry, Australia is turning to blockchain technology. The Vechain Turnkey solution hopes to tackle the issues faced in the industry. The goal is to make meat supply perfect with VeChain’s Blockchain technology.

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The Chinese Market is seeking a Traceable Supply Chain from Australian Beef Suppliers

Per the report, the hugely populated Chinese region, which recorded extremely high beef importation over the last year, is giving Australian beef supplier’s a route to its market. The country is seeking a traceable supply chain from Australian premium beef suppliers, as a result, an increase in the demand for beef.

China has arguably one of the largest beef importation markets for Australian beef suppliers. Between April 2018 and April 2019, Beijing imported over 1,194,363 tons of beef. While the traditional meat export in Australia comprises of four different stages (including raising, processing, moving to meat factories abroad, and packaging at retail outlets), the country’s industry still faces problems like:

  • Inaccurate names and amount of products during loading or unloading.
  • The deceptive sale of meat from other countries as Australian beef.
  • Difficulty when it comes to recalling problematic meat product batches.

Latitude 28 Partners With VeChain

After presenting o less than 1,125,657 tons of beef as its total export for 2018, Latitude 28, a leading meat supplier in the Western part of Australia, is looking to work with VeChain to improve the sector. L28 has been in the beef industry since the year 1904. The major beef supplier is looking to leverage VeChain’s Blockchain technology to tackle the issue of anti-counterfeiting. This, it believes, will allow it own an optimized supply-chain management.

The goal is to solve the problems using the VeChain ToolChain. VeChain ToolChain is a one-stop BaaS platform. L28 will also employ other DNV GL solutions, to tackle the issue according to people familiar with the matter. L28 is renowned for its high standards when it comes to meat supply around the centuries.

The supplier ensures that only the best services for its supply by monitoring the meat supply chain from a choice of farms strictly. They adequately screen farmers and the art of processing beef as well as the packaging of meat.

With VeChain Partnership, Latitude 28 Gives Customers Hygienic Meat Products

There are tons of benefits to expect from L28’s collaboration with the VeChain Blockchain. By entering a partnership with VeChain to integrate the Thor blockchain technology in a bid to improve its supply chain, L28 will be able to offer a new platter which lets consumers interact directly with Australian meat producers. The initiative will also ensure the supply of more hygienic, safer and healthier meat products.

VeChain, from its end, is going to combining Blockchain tech, IoT and the DNV GL third-party verification in a bid to give authentic and highly reliable supply chain data. In turn, this will allow the manufacturer, supply, retailer and consumer track meat products better. According to the report, the first batch of Australia’s Blockchain-powered meat produce is now available to purchase on It is understood that consumers can easily access the key data of these products with the VeChain Pro app. Other applications can also work and they include WeChat or Alipay (which supports QR Code scanning).

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