BAT Crypto News: Users of Brave Browser will be Able to Withdraw Basic Attention Token Soon

According to recent reports, Brave Browser is looking to introduce a new feature that will benefit its users. The new feature will allow users Brave Browser to withdraw any BAT tokens they have earned from ads. While Brave Browser’s new feature is currently only available on Brave’s developer browser preview, it is understood that the community welcomed the report with many calling it a step in the right direction for Basic Attention Token adoption.

BAT Withdrawals Will Shortly be Available on Brave

Previously, any Basic Attention Token that was earned via ads or other incentives on Brave Browser were locked-up in user wallets. Formerly, the main way that users could only use the BAT tokens was to donate them to content creators and/or web services. Per a recent post relating to the Brave Community Forum, most users who use Brave’s Nightly build can now withdraw their BAT from their Brave Rewards wallet. This is done after they have verified and created an account with Uphold.

According to a company representative for Brave, for the new feature, Brave Browser users will be able to purchase additional BAT as well. As the custodian for all verified wallets, Uphold will enable BAT users to access their funds via their credit cards, bank accounts, and any other crypto wallets available to them.

The BAT Community Welcomed the Development

While the company earlier said that they are expecting issues with Brave Browser’s latest features, the BAT community actually did the opposite by welcoming the news. Members of the BAT community have called Brave’s latest initiative a huge step in the right direction and a move that will ensure more adoption for Basic Attention Token.

Many Reddit users also said that they were waiting for the development of a fiat-onramp to the BAT coin for a long time. They are of the view that enabling withdrawals on Brave Browser will certainly bring more users into the Brave ecosystem.

After a section Brave users had criticized the network for only collaborating with Uphold, a representative of Brave defended the decision at the time. Saying that starting the journey with Uphold was “natural” considering the already existing anonymous Brave Rewards wallet for the Brave Browser is also provided by Uphold. Per the report, it is understood that additional withdrawal methods for BAT will be included for users moving forward.

Brave is Working Tirelessly to Implement New Features

Brave has been working tirelessly in recent months to improve the features on Brave Browser. Aside from enabling Basic Attention Token withdrawals, the company expanded its tipping features. It also integrated several high-profile crypto wallets. In June, a GitHub leaked repository showed that Brave was actually working on integrating wallets for Ethereum, Ledger, and Trezor in its browser. This move will allow users to earn and store their BAT in a self-custodian wallet.

Only a few days after reports relating to a potential wallet integration came to light, the company went on to announce that it was introducing a new feature. The new feature, which is reportedly still in the works, will allow users the opportunity to tip individual posters along with content creators on both Reddit and Vimeo. According to the company, the features will not roll out for another few weeks. Although, users will be able to start verifying their Reddit and Vimeo accounts so that they can be receiving tips.

At press time, BAT is trading at $0.238346 with a market cap of $303,788,150.

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