Will Fixing The Vulnerabilities On The XRP Ledger Provide Protection From the Spammer Attacks?

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An anonymous developer has created an open-source tool that gives access to anyone to upload files of any size onto Ripple’s XRP blockchain. The tool works by exploiting the memo field (known as the destination tag) that all XRP transactions have, which is designed to aid transactions to be identified. While the memo field was built to be, “Indestructible. Immutable. Infinite File Storage.” In the grasp of spammers and the IndImm application, it could slow down the network, and inflate the cost of transactions. However, according to developers, a solution is in progress.

Ripple News Today – XRP Latest Update – A Solution in Progress to Stop the Attack From Spammers On The XRP’s Blockchain

Speaking on the exploit, Wietse Wind, a developer of the XRP tip bot, commented, “Let’s start with a big thanks & hats off to you, as we can’t have enough development in this ecosystem. But, on a different note: I’m worried. I operate a full history node on the XRP ledger.”

The issue is that blockchains are not designed to accumulate unlimited amounts of data. For a blockchain to be secure, it requires the involvement of people to hold a full history of the network on their computers. As the log history increases, so the number of people who can bear to keep the full history locally decreases. As of June 2019, bitcoin’s network history is 226GB. XRP memo fields were open to spammers as they could deposit huge files on them. This means that the network would be jammed with extra storage, and making it illegally expensive to run.

To the advantage of the platform, the spammer would have to disburse a huge amount of money to initiate sufficient transactions crammed with spam to create any detriment to a network. Though a lot of people are convinced that they can use this exploit to take down Ripple’s XRP blockchain.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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An antagonizing group has been set up to attempt an attack on the network and upload large amounts of huge transactions in a go. Hitherto, the plan seems to have failed. It is either the group which involves individuals who visit 4chan, a scandalous, anonymous online forum are having a hard time coordinating or are unable to afford the attack.

XRP developer Wind is also fretting over the issue of illegal authorization. He believes the tool could be used to upload illegal content such as images of child abuse or other unlawful material, theoretically, making running a full node forbidden. However, several developers have randomly pointed out, that the same issue has been going on with Bitcoin blockchain for many years and nothing has been done to stop or prevent it.

To rectify the matter, Wind release a statement on the XRP Github account, proffering that sum should be imposed to protect the network. A practical dialogue has been established to rectify the issue. Currently, some developers do not have an issue with the fee, while others think that the fee should be reduced. So far, no actions have been taken

Ripple CTO David Schwartz said, “On the bright side, I don’t believe there’s any serious short-term attack. I believe the threat is that an attacker can maliciously gradually increase the cost of running a server and keeping history over a long period.” Which is like the black knight saying, “It’s but a scratch.”


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